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Clinical Trials & Diagnostics: Multisite Specimen Collections Made Easy

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Diagnostic laboratories and CROs now routinely engage in the collection of samples from global markets. Managing cold chain logistics to ensure that specimen integrity is maintained from multiple and disparate collection sites can be complicated and burdensome for your organization. The clinical supply chain creates a challenging distribution environment when the requirement is to ship specimens under frozen conditions worldwide, while maintaining and documenting appropriate environmental conditions. Given the great number of clinical sites, there is increased complexity for maintaining product quality and mitigating the risk of thermal excursions.


Until now, these challenges created a need for additional personnel to work with specialty couriers, contracted depots, and shipper manufacturers. Cryoport can minimize the risks of failure in the cold chain distribution process - risks that occur when there are adverse temperature changes during storage, handling, or distribution that cause a number of serious problems including:

  • A lack of compliance with global regulatory and standards-based requirements that can increase liability.

  • Inconsistency among batch results from thermal variability.

  • Rejection by the quality department, leading to costly delays that increase trial management complexity and lead to reduced revenue.

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