Dry Shipper Design 

The CryoPort Express® Dry Vapor Shippers are lightweight and re-usable combining the best features of packaging, cryogenics and high-vacuum technology. Read more about how our patented shipper can improve your logistics.


The shipper is composed of an aluminum metallic dewar flask, with a well for holding the biological material in the inner chamber.

The inner chamber of the shipper is surrounded by a high surface, low-density, open cell plastic foam material, which retains the liquid nitrogen in-situ by absorption, adsorption and surface tension. This material absorbs liquid nitrogen several times faster than currently used materials, and provides the long hold times and capacity to transport biological materials safely and conveniently. The annular space between the inner and outer dewar chambers is evacuated to a very high vacuum (10-6 Torr).

The specimen-holding chamber has a primary cap to enclose the specimens, and a removable and replaceable secondary cap to further enclose the specimen-holding container and to contain the liquid nitrogen.

The entire dewar vessel is wrapped in a plurality of insulating and cushioning materials and placed in a disposable outer packaging made of cardboard and recyclable materials.

Read more about how our packaging can virtually eliminate temperature excursions.