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When it can't be replaced…Trust Cryoport

  • Expecting Parents
  • Commercial
  • CryoStorkSM

Expecting Parents

Delivering peace of mind for your precious cargo

Making the decision to pursue in vitro fertilization or surrogacy may be one of the most important decisions that you and your family make. At Cryoport, we understand the process can be emotionally challenging and the last thing you need to worry about is your IVF materials. That's why it's our top priority. Cryoport is proud to provide you and your family our CryoStorkSM solution to ensure your shipments are handled with care from clinic to clinic, safely and securely. Our CryoStorkSM service is the fastest and most reliable solution on the market.

Cryoport facilitates this journey in more than 90 countries and provides the ideal environment for a successful shipment, tracking the location and condition of your materials to their destination. For added protection, we keep your samples segregated from others in containers that are specifically designated to you.

Our experienced team understands just how precious your shipment is and will be with you every step of the way. We provide 24/7 customer service and nonstop shipment monitoring to give you peace of mind that lets you focus on your family.

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Supporting IVF clinics and institutions around the world

When successful IVF outcomes are dependent on the transportation of invaluable biological materials safely and securely, there’s only one logistics partner you can trust. With Cryoport handling your logistics, your team can focus on their patients. Cryoport is now proud to provide our CryoStorkSM solution to ensure your shipments are handled safely and securely. Our CryoStorkSM service is the fastest and most reliable solution on the market for reproductive health patients, providing express transportation across the United States and world.

Cryoport also provides advanced logistics solutions for the commercial IVF industry. The combination of our Cryoport Express® liquid nitrogen dry vapor dewars, equipped with our SmartPak II™ condition monitoring system, and our Cryoportal™ logistics management platform enables clinics and medical offices to ship confidently, both domestically and internationally. Through fully documented chain of custody and chain of condition — and by segregating each patient’s samples from others in containers that are specifically designated to each patient — quality, safety and stability of all shipped materials are ensured.

Cryoport’s patient-centric approach provides complete visibility of your shipment from start to finish and is proven to reliably maintain material integrity, which contributes to delivering a joyful outcome for expecting parents.


Bringing reliability and speed to your cold chain

Reliability and speed are critical when you have urgent deliveries. When your schedule is a top priority and you want the specialized service of one-on-one handling, Cryoport’s CryoStorkSM service is your solution.

Through our CryoStorkSM service, Cryoport transports your highly valuable reproductive materials through dedicated medical transport services guaranteed to get your materials on the next flight out to your specified location. Your IVF materials will also have one-on-one handling and single focus during the entire shipping process. Once your dedicated courier gets your materials on the plane, it is stored on the most protected area of the aircraft.

Cryoport's CryoStorkSM solution is the quickest service available due to fewer points of contact and our airline direct capabilities. In most cases, your shipment will likely be completed within hours.

When your logistics are as time-sensitive as your materials are temperature-sensitive, Cryoport can help get your shipment from Point A to Point B efficiently and effectively. We understand how precious your cargo is. That's why we make sure it gets where it needs to be, safely and on time.


Why Choose Cryoport for Your Cold Chain Logistics

Cryoport is your end-to-end cold chain logistics partner that provides the most comprehensive logistics platform to mitigate risk and ensure the quality of your shipment. When the future of your patients or family is on the line, you want to place it in the hands of a partner you can trust.


End-to-End Solutions

From point of origin to destination, Cryoport provides easy storage, ordering, fulfillment, shipping, continuous tracking and monitoring, documentation assistance and 24/7 customer support for your cold chain logistics needs.


Intelligent Logistics

Integrated global storage, monitoring and shipping made simple. Monitoring and shipping temperature-sensitive materials around the world has never been easier.


Complete Compliance

No matter what you’re shipping or where it’s going, have confidence that your materials are being stored and shipped ethically and in full compliance with all applicable regulations. Cryoport’s team of experts will guide you through customs and can manage all documentation.


Steadfast Protection

Navigate global cold chain logistics with scientifically enhanced Cryoport Express® liquid nitrogen dry vapor dewars, which maintain -150°C for up to 10 days, and dedicated 24/7 expert care.


Nonstop Monitoring

Complete visibility with the Cryoportal™ logistics management system and Smartpak II™ condition monitoring system. Never lose sight of your sample or shipment with round-the-clock support and access to accurate and up-to-the-minute data in a single data stream.


Risk Mitigation

Your choice of a logistics partner impacts your materials, your data, your operations and, most importantly, your outcome. Our solutions are built to maintain the integrity of your materials and data throughout transit with fully validated Cryoport Express® dry vapor dewars and a team of experts who proactively monitor, support and find solutions for any potential challenges.

What our clients are saying

“Thank you for providing an incredible level of service! I can’t express how much the peace of mind and support that Cryoport provided are worth to my family.”
Cryoport IVF Client
“We are so grateful for everything Cryoport has done for our family. We are over the moon and could not have asked for a better group of people to help and support us through our journey.”
Cryoport IVF Client
"I want to take a moment and express just how pleased I am with the customer care that I received from Cryoport. I have had a lot of anxiety surrounding this process and Cryoport handled all of the coordination of materials and shipping so expertly that they made the process wonderful and seamless for me. The Cryoport team’s phone manner is professional and they communicate in a way that instills confidence and calm. Cryoport followed up every step of the way and worked with me to overcome a few unexpected hurdles quickly. Cryoport provided wonderful service which made for an excellent experience."
Cryoport IVF Client
"We are incredibly grateful for the amazing effort Cryoport’s staff provided during this very important process for our family as it has worked out in the best way imaginable. Cryoport delivered on its promise by delivering our shipment to its final destination safely, making our family’s dreams a possibility.” 
Cryoport IVF Client
"Cryoport has been a lifesaver!  My family appreciates all the time and attention that Cryoport gave to our shipment."
Cryoport IVF Client
"I’m completely satisfied with Cryoport’s service and the process. I truly appreciate what Cryoport made possible for me and my family. The customer service, the quality, the experience, everything was done efficiently, promptly and in order. Cryoport ensured that everyone knew what was going on every step of the process, and we appreciate the sense of ease that brought.”
Cryoport IVF Client
“We used Cryoport’s services to ship our ‘precious cargo’ across the country, and the experience was superb.”
Cryoport IVF Client
"Working with Cryoport provided a sense of calm during a stressful time."
Cryoport IVF Client
“Cryoport provided amazing support through the whole process and delivered our embryos overseas safely.”
Cryoport IVF Client
"Dealing with infertility is frustrating at best. Finding a company that not only has real people with whom we were able to talk to any time of the day, but people who are efficient and competent, honestly feels like a miracle. Cryoport made an emotional and difficult process easier and they will always have my gratitude."
Cryoport IVF Client
"We were trying to get a delivery from Pakistan to Canada and Cryoport came through like an angel for us when we were out of options. Cryoport is the best because it is a company that keeps its promises.”
Cryoport IVF Client
“Cryoport provided great service and the team was a pleasure to work with.”
Cryoport IVF Client
"We wanted to send a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone at Cryoport for the safe delivery of our two frozen embryos to India!"
Cryoport IVF Client