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2018 Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™

Date: January 17, 2018
Location: Mission Bay, CA


Process Considerations for Regenerative Medicine Commercialization Workshop

Date: February 28 & March 1 2018
Location: Tustin, CA

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Considerations for Successful Biomaterial Transport into Challenging Countries

Successful research, development, manufacturing and commercialization in regenerative medicine is an epic challenge, with potentially a more epic reward of saving lives.

Almost equally challenging is working with partners domestically and around the globe to transport temperature controlled materials back and forth to keep progress moving forward.

It seems straightforward enough -  Call your carrier of choice, provide addresses, contact names, documentation about the biomaterials and when you want it to arrive -  simple, right?

Transporting Life: A Journey of Choice

Graduating classes of young professionals all over the world are preparing to meet new challenges set before them as the embark on a journey. The lessons and academic content taught in their respective fields of study still fresh in their minds as they interview for that perfect career. Some of them are hoping to solve age old problems and improve the human condition. The Biology and Life Sciences that they have learned in the classroom is now ready to be put to practical use for a worthy cause – discovery. In this new age of emerging personalized medicine, discovery of new characteristics of living cells is what this generation faces. New opportunities to do research that will be the future of treatments. So how will they transport the needed living cells for their research?