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Scientific Conclusions Are All About the Data--Choosing a Logistics Provider For Biomaterial Transport Should Be As Well

In our previous blog we discussed key considerations in the transport of critical biomaterials such as cell and gene therapies, in vitro fertilization shipments or large laboratory bio-sample moves.  There we focused on challenges of customs processing, regional or country regulatory requirements and carrier choice and their associated processes.  These are all part of critical risk assessment and mitigation strategies.  Just as the development of the ground-breaking therapies are driven by good scientific methodologies, so should the choice temperature-controlled logistics providers be driven by unbiased data. Whether it be a standard integrator, or a specialty courier, being investigated for utilization data should drive the decision making process.

Considerations for Successful Biomaterial Transport into Challenging Countries

Successful research, development, manufacturing and commercialization in regenerative medicine is an epic challenge, with potentially a more epic reward of saving lives.

Almost equally challenging is working with partners domestically and around the globe to transport temperature controlled materials back and forth to keep progress moving forward.

It seems straightforward enough -  Call your carrier of choice, provide addresses, contact names, documentation about the biomaterials and when you want it to arrive -  simple, right?