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Date: December 1-4, 2018
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Can You Ship Biological Samples Currently Stored or Shipped with Dry Ice (-0 to -80°C) in Cryoport’s Dry Vapor Shipper at -150°C?

The short answer is: YES!

If a specimen or biological material can transition through the freezing point — as happens when frozen in refrigerators and/or packed in dry ice — then holding it at liquid nitrogen temperatures will not harm the specimen. In fact, it will most likely have a positive impact. Cryoport’s Global Cryogenic Shipping Solution is specifically developed to sustain temperatures below the glass point (-136°C). This means all metabolic processes and certain degradative reactions will cease at these lower temperatures, which will extend the viability and function of the specimen.

What Do You Know About Your Dry Vapor Shipper and its Potential Impact on your Critical Materials?

Dry vapor shipping dewars used for transport of critical temperature-controlled biomaterials and lifesaving materials, such CAR-T and other regenerative medicines, can be purchased and used by anyone.

These dewars are qualified and validated by their manufacturers to generally have a 10+ day hold time.  However, this cannot be assumed to always be the case—as they can be variable in their actual performance, both initially and over time.  In fact, not only is there variability in initial hold time performance, but in-transit events invisible to the human eye can have dramatic impacts on the hold time of the dewar during its next use and beyond.

Additionally, dewars do “age”  and have reduced hold times as they get older.  Most organizations using these dewars do very little or nothing at all to track, test and document past or future potential performance.