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2022’s Data ManagementTransitionsWebinar

2022’s Data Management Transitions Webinar

Are your advanced therapy supply chains ready for this year’s 4G/LTE data management transition?

  • How will capacity and connectivity challenges impact carrier services and packaging technology providers?
  • How can you guarantee the certainty of global coverage and data fidelity for your cell and gene therapy shipments?
Download our ISO 21973 White Paper

Download our ISO 21973 White Paper

A leap forward in standardizing the regenerative medicine supply chain

  • Ensuring full compliance at every step in the transportation process
  • Standardization at scale
  • Mitigating risk in a zero failure environment

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Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing & Commercialization Europe 2022

Date: December 5-8, 2022
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


64th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition

Date: December 10-13, 2022
Location: New Orleans, LA

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Through our newly launched Global Supply Chain Centers, Cryoport Systems now offers Kit Production. 

Cryoport combines its expertise in temperature-controlled supply chain solutions to develop a comprehensive offering of vein-to-vein services, one of which includes Kit Production. From clinical to commercial, our team works directly with your team to curate the specific kitting components for manufacturing, testing and clinical use. Developing a standardized and high-quality kitting solution requires the same level of attention as every other step in the collection, transportation and distribution process. In order to mitigate risk when focusing on kitting, it is imperative that all components are centrally managed and distributed. Cryoport has an experienced team that can work with you to develop a custom blood sample kit that fits your clinical or commercial needs. Implementing a centrally managed kitting solution helps to maximize the quality of your biological samples. It reduces inconsistencies in labels, vials, needles, tubes and other kit components, while also reducing unforeseen variables such as expiration dates and lot numbers for all global collections.  

Cryoport's Chain of Compliance®: Collects, Interprets, and Leverages Comprehensive Data to Enable a Significantly Smarter Supply Chain

Companies vying to be the first to market with breakthrough treatments have a great deal riding on the success of their efforts. Incorporating innovative processes, ethical considerations, assuring the safety and efficacy of the product, and managing the commodity's environmental control are formidable challenges that often lack standardized quality control procedures. Precision medicine requires end-to-end traceability: everything from chain of custody, to chain of condition, to chain of identity. The fragility of regenerative medicine therapies and the need to manage risk means a fourth link in the chain will soon be a regulatory requirement.  

Cryoport® is a trademark of Cryoport, Inc. and used with permission by Cryoport Systems, LLC

Cryoport Systems has officially launched our BioServices solutions through our two new Global Supply Chain Centers. Learn More