Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") Program

Beginning in 2020 we initiated a formal internal evaluation of our ESG policies, procedures, and performance. Subsequently in February 2021, we publicly disclosed ESG information based on the framework and standards set by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Building upon our first report, we began with the goal of developing a formal, thoughtful, comprehensive, and right-sized sustainability program that would be used as a foundation for effectively organizing, reporting, and measuring our performance to set ESG goals in the future.

In June of 2021, we began a materiality assessment to guide our overall sustainability strategy. The intent of the materiality assessment was to understand what ESG topics were important to our key stakeholders, to take into consideration Cryoport’s business strategy development, and to understand Cryoport’s global internal priorities. There were three key activities for this phase of the process:


The information and feedback received from the materiality assessment was aggregated into a customized and weighted materiality matrix. The following Materiality Matrix follows GRI Standards recommendations and plots topics based on their relative priority resulting from the materiality assessment.

Once the Materiality Matrix was developed, several meetings were conducted internally with our ESG committee and our Board of Directors’ Nomination and Governance Committee to evaluate the findings.

Cryoport Materiality Matrix


Leveraging the outcomes of the materiality assessment, Cryoport’s Sustainability Strategy was developed to establish focus and a consistent approach to sustainability across the business. Cryoport’s Sustainability Framework defines our overarching vision and mission statements with supporting pillars and corresponding focus areas, as demonstrated below.



As Cryoport continues to grow its business in a way that is considerate of our global community, we are committed to protecting our planet by using our world’s resources sensibly and minimizing our emissions and waste on a global basis. From an environmental standpoint, one example of our sustainability efforts is our cryogenic Cryoport Express® Shipper, which uses the non-hazardous dry vapor form of liquid nitrogen and proprietary informatics to drive efficiencies in the use of resources throughout our company. This service offering also employs multi-use and recyclable packaging. Knowing that there is much more to do to aid in our environmental efforts, we have recently developed a system to collect data on a global scale for the purpose of quantifying the impact of all our environmental initiatives so that we can demonstrate our achievements on this important matter to our shareholders, customers, and other interested stakeholders.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs)

As we proceed on our ESG journey in 2022, our initial key focus will be on GHG Emissions. GHG emissions were the foremost priority identified in our Materiality Matrix and represent a clear global significance for companies, consumers, and other stakeholders.

Cryoport engaged an ESG advisor upon completion of our Sustainability Strategy to assist in determining our carbon footprint. Through this engagement, we will define our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emission sources, collect, and compile relevant data to quantify our emissions, and establish a carbon accounting methodology in accordance with the GHG Protocol. The outcome will be a baseline carbon footprint for Cryoport and the ability to execute consistent carbon accounting in the future. These tools will enable us to identify key opportunities to implement targeted projects that will drive GHG emissions reductions in the future. One means of reducing our carbon footprint is procurement of electricity from GHG emissions free resources for our biostorage plant in Houston, Texas. Procurement of GHG emissions free electricity has translated to a significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to energy provided by coal-fired power plants. In 2021, the Houston plant consumed 4,489,987 kWh of electricity. By utilizing electricity from GHG emissions free resources, the emission of 1,440,257 pounds of GHGs was avoided. This emissions savings is the equivalent of removing 242 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Resource Efficiency

Cryoport understands the importance of resource conservation as it relates to the efficient use of resources, reduction of our carbon footprint, and effective cost management. To that end, Cryoport strives to operate in an efficient manner to ensure the optimization of raw materials, equipment, waste, energy, and labor. We have identified thermal efficiency as the largest impact on energy conservation associated with our products. To manage this aspect of the business, our Global Logistics Center Network utilizes the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standard 7E to test and evaluate thermal performance against stated requirements of 10+ days of maintaining internal temperatures at or below negative 150oC. Our products comply with this standard, and in turn, the products insulative properties require less energy to maintain prescribed temperature levels.

Cryoport’s dewars do not consume any electricity, and our freezer units utilize liquid nitrogen as a cooling agent, which is the by-product of other processes, creating a closed-loop resource that reduces additional energy associated with sourcing, procuring, and delivery of resources purchased from third parties. In 2021, our use of liquid nitrogen freezers, when compared to the energy consumption of a standard -150OC mechanical freezer, prevented the consumption of 1,883,136 kWh of electricity, equivalent to 1,725,871 pounds of GHG emissions avoided.

We also exemplify efficiency through the development and use of the cryogenic Cryoport Express® Shipper, which uses the non-hazardous dry vapor form of liquid nitrogen and proprietary informatics to drive efficiencies in the use of resources throughout our company. Our Cryoport Express® Shipper is also a multi-use offering with recyclable packaging.

In addition, Cryoport measures the effectiveness and efficiency of our production practices by tracking the amount of scrap material disposed of or sold on an annual basis. Stainless steel products that do not meet our stringent specification are reworked into our process to create new products that meet specifications, diverting the material from landfill and scrap recycling for beneficial reuse as new product. Any scrap metal that does not meet specification and cannot effectively be reworked into new product is recycled by third party recycling partners.

Further, in 2021 our Paris, France operations moved into a new facility, which is designed with the highest French environmental standards and equipped with solar panels to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions. Overall, our efforts in these areas, among others not highlighted, have a positive environmental outcome for Cryoport and its customers.

Supporting Our People

Cryoport’s global team of employees are our most valuable resource, from our teams on the front line in our global supply chain and logistics centers, to our manufacturing operations, to our business development personnel, to the engineers who design our products and services, to our quality assurance and regulatory teams that assure the safety, quality, compliance, and integrity of our products.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

We are committed to inclusion, equity, and diverse representation for our employees across our Company. Cryoport is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and currently tracks gender distribution across its operations and management. We maintain clear policies related to anti-harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, and provide an anonymous, third party-managed reporting hotline for employees to report incidents of harassment, discrimination, and policy violations. In 2021, we further enhanced our online corporate training programs related to diversity, harassment and discrimination, so that employees receive annual training on the topics of harassment, diversity and inclusion, business ethics and code of conduct. In addition, Cryoport’s recruiting programs include targeted outreach to a variety of under-represented constituents, including minorities, women, veterans, and disabled populations to help improve recruiting efforts while gaining valuable insights from a diverse set of recruits. Cryoport has partnered with or targeted organizations like Hire Heroes, Career OneStop, recruiting at Historical Black Colleges, Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance, and Women in Technology.

Cryoport understands that the manufacturing industry is typically male-dominated. To open opportunities for more female roles within our organization, Cryoport currently tracks gender distribution across operations. As of December 2021, women represented a total of approximately 30% of all employees, with approximately 18% of manager and 8% of directors being women. Senior leadership positions, at Vice President and above, currently sits as approximately 2%. Based on this data, Cryoport understands that there is work to be done to create a more equitable and representative senior leadership team and continue to push gender diversity throughout its operations.

Employee Health & Safety

Cryoport’s Employee Health & Safety (EHS) programs have resulted in strong safety performance, as demonstrated by our total injury rate (TIR) and lost time injury rate (LTIR) being significantly lower than the global industry averages. Facilitated by our culture of continuous improvement, we are committed to continue to work toward reducing our TIR and LTIR numbers even further.

We have implemented flexible working arrangements, including telecommuting and part time arrangements, to maintain a safe working environment for our employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Innovating Responsibility 

Cryoport recognizes the role we play in protecting the health and safety of current and future generations through services and solutions that promote sustainability, resilience, and respect for the environment. We strive for a product base that is of the highest quality and with long use phases to minimize impact associated with production of new product, and Cryoport reviews opportunities to eliminate materials of concern and related managed waste streams on a regular cadence.

Product & Service Quality

As a temperature-controlled supply chain provider to the life sciences industry, Cryoport must comply with the safe transportation of regulated hazardous materials. As a result, we have designed and developed several features in its various products to comply with US DOT, IATA, ICAO, and other regulatory and guidance bodies. Additionally, safety warnings are included in our product labeling as well as our manuals. Our products are designed to conform to the following standards (where applicable):

  • ISO 13485 (Section 7.3 Design and Development, ISO, QMS)
  • ISO 14971 Application of Risk Management, ISO
  • Medical Device Directive Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, and Directive 2007/47/EC amending Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices
  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) (2014/35/EU)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU)
  • RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU) (we are actively working on RoHS 3 and REACH)
  • Safety Requirements For Electrical Equipment For Measurement, Control, And Laboratory Use - Part 1:
  • General Requirements [UL 61010-1:2012 Ed.3+R:29Apr2016]
  • Safety Requirements For Electrical Equipment For Measurement, Control, And Laboratory Use – Part 1:
  • General Requirements (R2017) [CSA C22.2#61010-1-12:2012 Ed.3+U1;U2]
  • IEC 60601-1 - Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance
  • IEC 61326-1:2012 - Electrical Equipment For Measurement, Control And Laboratory Use - EMC Requirements - Part 1: General Requirements
  • ASME SEC. VIII Pressure Vessel Code (Fusion Only)
  • EU Pressure Equipment Directive (EU97/23/EC) (Fusion Only)
  • FCC 47 CFR Class B Verification (Fusion Only)
  • IEC 62304 Medical device software — Software life cycle processes

These standards are woven into our development methodology used to design all new products within the organization. This development process includes a risk management assessment done in accordance with ISO 14971 that identifies hazards and mitigates risks via design improvements, process improvement, and warnings (including labels and safety information shipped with the product).

We pride ourselves on our exceptional operational quality. Our temperature-controlled supply chain solutions focused on cell and gene therapies boast a 99.89% delivery success rate and due to this performance 13,477 additional patients were able to receive therapies over the past 24 months and 1,334 intended parents are potentially able to have successful cycles resulting in the birth of a child on an annual basis because of our CryoStork® solution.

While rare, recalls of product may become necessary. The primary responsibility for recall management lies with our Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for manufacturing. The executive staff is involved in decision and implementation processes depending upon the specifics of any recall required. Customer service personnel, sales staff and other resources would then be utilized in reaching all distributors and direct end users. Results of recalls are evaluated daily until the recall is closed. There were no product recalls during 2021.

Product Lifecycle Management

Cryoport creates unique products with long-term use in mind. Cryoport products are primarily constructed of recyclable aluminum or stainless steel, and we approach the extension of product lifecycles through the following four areas:

  • Longevity
  • Reparability
  • Reusability
  • Recyclability 

We strive for a product base with long use phases to minimize impact associated with production of new product. At our MVE Biological Solutions production facility, we manufacture fusion freezer units that utilize 1/587 of the energy used by conventional mechanical freezers used for similar applications. For example, our freezer production displaced annual electricity consumption by 139,424,817 kWh from what would otherwise be consumed from alternative products. This amount of electricity could power 11,899 homes (sized at 2,500 square feet) annually. This reduction in energy consumption from our freezer lines alone equates to 123,444,781 pounds of GHG emissions avoided or the emissions equivalent to 21,489 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Cryoport regularly reviews opportunities to eliminate the use of materials considered hazardous and related managed waste streams on a regular cadence. Cryoport does not utilize any substances of concern in our products; We do currently utilize minimal quantities of hazardous materials that are not listed substances of concern in our operations, primarily in the form of isopropanol, epoxies, butyl cellosolve, lacquer thinner, paint, hyamine and isopropyl alcohol. These materials and the insignificant quantities of hazardous wastes generated in our production facilities are managed in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Any hazardous waste that is generated is tracked and managed with an overall goal of eliminating hazardous materials where possible.

Cryoport does not utilize any minerals identified as conflict minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold) and makes our best effort to ensure that our suppliers practice responsible sourcing practices, as further detailed in Supplier Management under our Governing Ethically pillar.

Governing Ethically 

Cryoport recognizes constructive supplier relationships as essential to our ability to meet customer requirements for quality solutions. We expect our business partners to share our commitment to ethics, integrity, compliance, safety, human rights, data security, and environmental protection. By the same token, as a provider accountable to thousands of companies worldwide, we pledge, through our ESG performance, to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements for the same.

Business Ethics

We are committed to operating with honesty, truthfulness and transparency in accordance to the highest ethical and corporate governance standards – mutual respect, integrity and trust are our foundation. As an ethical operator, we have developed a robust Code of Conduct and hold ourselves accountable to it in all we do. All employees across our operations are provided with training and reference materials to reinforce this commitment to integrity and ethics in our business. Our policies are clearly defined, published in local languages where applicable, and include guidance on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Corruption
  • Anti-Trust and Anti-Competitive Behavior
  • Insider Dealings
  • Gifts
  • Bribes (e.g., explicit prohibition of facilitation payments)
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Intellectual Property
  • Compliance
  • Truthful and accurate reporting
  • Interactions with Healthcare professionals
  • Whistleblower protections (including non-retaliation)

Political Activity and Contributions (e.g., explicit prohibition of contribution of any kind to any candidate or political party without express prior approval of the Board of Directors – this covers both direct contributions and indirection support; no political contributions have been made in recent years)

In addition to our Code of Conduct, our senior leadership team actively oversees the governance of our ethics programs to help ensure that commitment is driven from the top down, and that program owners are accountable for successful program compliance.

Cryoport does not conduct clinical trials, animal testing or use human tissue of any kind in the manufacture or design of our products, and our Code of Conduct governs the ethical behavior of our employees across Cryoport operations. Further, the Company does not conduct lobbying activities.

Supplier Management

Temperature controlled supply chain support to the life sciences industry is critical to all that Cryoport does; therefore, we take an active approach to managing suppliers and partners to ensure that appropriate compliance, health, safety, labor practices, and ethical standards are employed. Our internal diligence process for third-party vendors including a supplier questionnaire that is required for vendor approval and a regular auditing scheme thereafter for existing suppliers. The questionnaire is intended to verify that programs exist to manage material risk areas associated with the given supplier’s operations and particular consideration is paid to bribery or other forms of corrupt activity. No suppliers are approved until this mandatory due diligence is complete and a completed assessment form is on file.

As an example of verification that programs exist to manage material risks for any given supplier, if our transportation suppliers employ or work with a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, we confirm the presence of a credentialed role responsible for overseeing activities associated with dangerous goods, including but not limited to, employee training and coaching, reporting, and monitoring of activities associated with the transportation of dangerous goods. The purpose of this inquiry is to gauge the degree of oversight over dangerous goods management by our suppliers to help ensure product and employee welfare.

Our Code of Conduct extends through our suppliers and thus sets an expectation for our suppliers to commit to operating with honesty, truthfulness and transparency in accordance to the highest ethical and corporate governance standards, as Cryoport personifies through our operations. Per our Code of Conduct, Cryoport will not tolerate the use by suppliers of forced labor in any form.

Data Privacy & Security

Cryoport uses an outside Center for Internet Security (CIS) assessment firm to evaluate its data security controls in an effort protect our businesses and secure the information of our employees and customers. The evaluation process utilizes the CIS Critical Security Controls Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) methodology, and is an ongoing initiative used to continuously improve the CMMI rating for the Company.

Cryoport Impact Statements

Examples of some of our positive environmental impacts for 2020 and 2021 include the following:


Do We Have A Code Of Ethics?

We have adopted our Code of Ethical Business Conduct that applies to our directors and all employees, including our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. We have posted the text of our Code of Ethical Business Conduct on our website at www.cryoport.com on the “Investor Relations: Corporate Governance” page under the heading “Governance Documents.” We intend to satisfy the requirement under Item 5.05 of Form 8-K regarding disclosure of amendments to, or waivers from, provisions of our Code of Ethical Business Conduct by posting such information on our website.

What our clients are saying

“Cryoport does an amazing job of handling the shipping and logistics for transporting cryopreserved materials. We have switched to them for all of our exports.”
Bioengineering Core Employee – Cryoport Customer
“As a customer I'm very pleased with the service I received from Cryoport. Cryoport’s team always answered my questions, provided help in a professional manner and were extremely attentive.”
Cryoport Customer
“Had I known how great Cryoport’s dry vapor shipper and logistics system worked, we would have used Cryoport for all our previous shipments to the U.S. In the past we have used dry ice and several times we lost valuable cells because our shipments would sit in customs forever and the dry ice would evaporate. Cryoport eliminated that concern altogether. I will certainly be utilizing Cryoport’s services for future shipments.”
Principal Investigator – Cryoport Customer
“By using Cryoport I experienced much less stress as my shipment went through customs!”
Principal Investigator – Cryoport Customer
“I called Cryoport after hours for information about a shipment I needed to schedule and received absolutely outstanding customer service. Cryoport provided me with a lot of helpful information and great advice. It's rare and refreshing to receive such great service.”
Cryoport Customer
“Not only did my cells arrive safely, Cryoport’s service was professional and efficient. I highly recommend Cryoport.” 
Hematologist – Cryoport Customer

“Working with Cryoport was a truly remarkable difference compared to my experience with other shippers. With the previous shipping company I was working with, it took almost three months to establish a ‘deep frozen account’ and required numerous hoop-jumping shenanigans only to ultimately be informed that the company could not arrange a shipment to or from Israel, which they were informed from the start was our desired shipping source.

Our sales rep at this organization was as dumbfounded by our experience as we were. To his credit, after his company declined our business, he suggested I contact Cryoport. I have written thanking him for his suggestion and to let his ‘powers-that-be’ know how different my experiences were.”

Cryoport Biopharma Customer
“When compared to other shippers, I am highly satisfied with Cryoport’s pricing and service.”
Lab Manager – Cryoport Customer
“Our organization is more than impressed by our experience with Cryoport. We feel confident our material is being well-managed throughout transit. Cryoport provides extraordinary customer service and continuously they not only meet, but exceed our expectations. Late yesterday afternoon Cryoport worked tirelessly to coordinate a shipment to Japan and today seemed to effortlessly manage a late-day return. It is a pleasure working with Cryoport.”
Senior Supply Chain Analyst – Cryoport Customer
“Cryoport’s service is easy, straightforward and very convenient. We used to run into issues with transporting specimens to outside labs and Cryoport has eliminated this hurdle. Knowing Cryoport has it handled helps me sleep at night.”
Professor of Anatomy, Histology and Cell Biology – Cryoport Customer
“I'd like to commend Cryoport for their fantastic service. Our collaborator was also similarly impressed and will be recommending Cryoport to her colleagues. In addition to the great service and quality product, Cryoport’s pricing is second to none. We look forward to working with Cryoport for all of our future temperature-sensitive shipments."
Lab Manager – Cryoport Customer

"I want to thank everyone at Cryoport who was involved in the rapid recovery of the missing Cryoport shipper containing a patient’s tumor tissue. By promptly locating the shipper and recharging it while in transit, the patient was able to receive the vaccine manufactured from this tissue on time. We are so very appreciative of Cryoport’s customer service. Without the services that Cryoport provides, our clinical trials would not be available to patients."

Director of Clinical Operations — Cryoport Customer
“Cryoport provides a reliable solution to ship temperature-sensitive biologics around the world. The Cryoport solution is easy for scientists to use. They respond quickly, have great customer service and anticipate problems. I am able to speak to someone 24/7 who is an expert on MY package. It is personal service focused on deep frozen life sciences. I consider Cryoport to be an extended member of my team.”
Product Operations Specialist – Cryoport Customer

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