Cryoport Attends and Speaks at MVE Bio's Annual Breeder's Forum

Aug 20, 2021 11:45:39 AM | By Tony Thomas, Executive Director - Business Development, Animal Health

Cryoport Systems’ sister company, MVE Biological Solutions (MVE), hosted the 2021 Annual Breeder’s Forum on August 5th and 6th in Lakeville, MN. The Breeder’s Forum is a collaborative event that focuses on breeder market trends and best practices. Additionally, MVE’s current and future cryogenic freezer and dewar innovations were showcased. The Breeder’s Forum was the first time MVE and Cryoport Systems presented together as sister companies at an in-person event. Following last year’s virtual format, the 2021 meeting was a hybrid function with participants attending both in person and virtually. There were over 30 attendees that participated from North America, South America and Europe.

MVE’s Jerrell Shelton, Chief Executive Officer, Buzz Bies, Sr. Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, and Corey Rakes, Director of Aluminum Products, opened each day’s sessions with an overview of the Cryoport, Inc. business model and the mission critical position MVE Biological Solutions holds in our future growth plans.

Mike Duich, Chief Operating Officer, presented information on production updates at MVE and ongoing improvements that are designed to expedite manufacturing lead times in a more proactive supply chain. The attendees also participated in discussions on market trends and shared insights on MVE’s proposed efficiency improvements that included a focus on high demand product lines and accessories.

The MVE team also introduced a new approach, called the MVE Defender Technology, to accelerate historical continuous improvement methods by utilizing in-field data and feed back to increase the robustness of cryogenic dewars and accessories. Two new prototypes were presented to the attendees; the CryoTipper, a tank transport and tipping dolly, and an anti-overfill funnel, designed to prevent accidental overfill that could negatively affect the tank’s vacuum integrity.

Corey Rakes presented a review of best practices for charging dry vapor cryogenic shippers and shared cooling curve data relative to the QWick Charge Technology. Corey also shared examples of freight damage indicators and recently implemented improvements to the Plastic Protective Shipping Containers for the SC 4/2V and SC 4/3V models.

Tony Thomas, Executive Director, Animal Health at Cryoport Systems, presented Cryoport’s state-of-the-art High Volume Cryoport Express® that includes the proprietary Sliderite®, mobile pallet system, and Smartpak II® technology that monitors location, temperature, shock, orientation, pressure, humidity, packaging tampering, and battery life through Cryoport’s Live View™ platform.

Tony also shared a thought-provoking discussion on the future global market and regulatory trends that will impact animal protein production. He challenged the audience to start thinking now about the implications of regulatory groups and sustainability expectations as technology continues to evolve that will allow the livestock industry to feed a growing global population with complex nutrition demands.

Please reach out to your contacts at MVE or Cryoport if you have questions or want to learn more about the information shared at this year’s forum. Planning has already begun for the next Breeder’s Forum. Stay tuned as dates and locations are identified.

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