Reliable Frozen Shipping

Tue, Apr 08, 2014

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Do you have a reliable frozen shipping partner in country and internationally? Our clients tell us that we are the most reliable frozen shipping partner that safely transports their patients’ embryos, eggs and sperm – especially for challenging locations.


  • The Cryoport Express® LN2 Dry Vapor Shippers are validated to maintain -150° C for 10+ days getting the shipment safely from clinic door to clinic door.
  • Cryoport builds reliability into each shipper with data monitoring of every shipment so we know the location and temperature at all times.
  • Cryoport builds reliability into our entire logistics solution with the most advanced logistics management platform in the industry to track your patients’ shipments and communicate with everyone along the way.

Ready to get your patients the most reliable frozen shipping solution? Our complete global frozen shipping solution includes the shipper (container), the shipping, the domestic and/or global logistics and communications for a single cost-effective price.

Request patient brochures for your office or send them to our website to request a cost-effective quote today. Call 1-949-232-1877 or visit We’re here to help!

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