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10 Questions to Ask your Cryoshipper Provider

Wed, Apr 23, 2014

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Cryo-shipping can seem overwhelming, but with Cryoport, we handle the shipping and logistics for your precious frozen shipments.

Here are some of the most common questions we’re asked – and our answers. If you need more information or advice, please call us. We’re here to help.

  1. How does shipping work? It’s simple. First, coordinate the shipping dates with the IVF centers that will ship and receive your package. You can start the ordering process online or by phone. Cryoport then works directly with you to handle all the necessary logistics. The dry shipper will arrive at your IVF center pre-labeled and ready to use. Your IVF center will prepare the material being shipped and call for pickup.

  2. Do clinics received a charged dry shipper? Yes. Charged means that the dry shipper has been filled with dry vapor liquid nitrogen and is ready to be used.

  3. How cold is the dry shipper? The liquid nitrogen based dry shipper is validated at below -150 degrees Celsius. Cryogenic temperature are typically defined as below -150 °C. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryogenics)

  4. How long can the cryoshipper be in transit? The liquid nitrogen dry shipper (cryoshipper) has a holding time of 10 days.

  5. Who contacts the clinic? You’ll first want to contact both the current clinic and the receiving clinic to notify them of the shipment and confirm paperwork. Cryoport will then be happy to coordinate with both clinics to confirm shipping and receiving dates.

  6. Do you have arrangements with carriers to transport embryos and sperm? Yes. Cryoport has relationships with carriers who transport human specimens, including frozen embryos, sperm and eggs.  

  7. Is the shipment monitored? Cryoport tracks all IVF shipments through our web portal technology, which is integrated with carrier partners. Internal monitors are also used to record the container temperature throughout transit.

  8. Who handles the paperwork? Cryoport will work with you to generate the shipping paperwork such as transportation labels. We will also let you know what additional paperwork may be necessary based on your shipment such as customs documentation and let you know where you can obtain the forms. Once the paperwork is completed by you or your clinic, we include print outs with the shipment for each leg of the journey.

  9. What about international shipping? Cryoport successfully ships IVF products throughout the world. Before shipping, however, talk with the clinic receiving your package to ensure it is authorized to receive human products, under local regulations.

  10. Is this shipment subject to tariffs or regulatory issues that will affect the shipment? When shipping internationally, additional paperwork may be required to clear customs. Cryoport and its partners can offer advice regarding those forms.

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