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Tourism for the Next Generation

Thu, Jun 05, 2014

Medical tourism is a booming business especially in reproductive medicine where procedures are less expensive. However, one of the challenges for patients and their doctors is the shipment of their very precious embryos, eggs and sperm across global shipping lanes and through customs obstacles.
For one couple, traveling to Singapore was the perfect decision. The challenge was to get their frozen sperm from the United States to Singapore – in just a few days and in time for their procedure.

Timing is Everything

Cryoport’s global frozen shipping solution was employed to expedite the order while keeping the shipment safe. The sperm was transported in an advanced liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper that kept the biomaterials below -150° C (and would hold them there for 10 days if necessary) and housed the shipper in a box ideal for transportation across international shipping lanes.

Cryoport’s team of logistics experts worked with the couple and their doctor to quickly identify the documentation and correct codes to quickly clear customs. We also worked with a broker and specialty courier to ensure the shipment was hand delivered from clinic door to clinic door in time for that day’s procedure.

Cryoport’s total solution was the right piece of the international medical tourism puzzle that provided the couple the shipment they needed safely, securely and quickly.

Ordering a Cryoport Express® shipment is easy. Please call 1-949-232-1877 or visit www.cryoport.com to order your shipment. Our Cryoport customer service team will guide you through the process.

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