International Frozen Embryo Shipping

Mon, Jun 30, 2014


Lost in Translation

India has become a go to country for medical tourism including surrogacy. There are unique hurdles in this booming business including logistics and transportation challenges.

The challenge for one patient was not getting the precious cargo from the US to India, or clearing customs or keeping the materials safe. Rather, it was who was responsible for picking up and receiving the shipment.

Receiving the Gift of Life

Cryoport had safely transported a frozen embryo into the country using our patented liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper. This ensured the embryo was kept at a stable -196° C and was secure throughout the shipment process.

Through the proprietary Cryoportal™ logistics management platform, the Cryoport team was able to quickly navigate the customs and documentation required for the shipment to avoid delays as well as get a shipper to the first clinic that same day. The shipment was safely delivered in time for the procedure the very next day.

The combination of stellar logistics with the expertise to streamline the documentation hurdles resulted in a safe and speedy delivery for this happy couple.

Ordering a Cryoport Express® shipment is easy. Please call 1-949-470-2300, option 1 or visit to order your shipment. Our Cryoport customer service team will guide you through the process.

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