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Important Webinars

Tue, Dec 02, 2014

Cryoport produces webinars in conjunction with SRBT.  They cover important topics with expert speakers.  Attendance numbers in the hundreds.  Recordings of the webinars are available on the Cryoport web site.  Please take a few moments to review the summaries and enjoy this resource.

Take Control - OWN Your IVF Laboratory Environment

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Learn about the optimal environment for an IVF lab including the role of ambient air quality.  Understand common sources of airborne threats and what you can do to assure an optimal and consistent laboratory environment.

A Vitrified Future in Cryobiology, A Tribute to the Pioneers

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Review the history and key players of cryobiology and ART.  Understand the basic principles of cryopreservation from freezing to vitrification including cryoprotectants and freezing protocols.  Appreciate how far the technology has evolved in the past 50 years.

SART Registry Update

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Learn about the history and goals of the CDC and SART ART registries.  Understand the changes in the ART outcomes report planned for 2014 cycles including the challenges of reporting for cycles with “delayed” embryo transfer and fertility preservation cycles.

Reproductive Technology, Bioethics, Religion and the Law

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“A Conversation with Dr. Howard Jones Concerning Issues of Reproductive Technology, Bioethics, Religion and the Law?” When did you become protected by law? Upon fertilization, heartbeat, quickening, fetal brain waves, or birth?  Renowned for his involvement with the first IVF birth in the U.S., the immortal HeLa cells of Henrietta Lacks, and sex reassignment surgery, 102-year old Dr. Howard Jones is no stranger to ethical, moral, religious and legal criticism.

IVF Frozen Shipping: How to Succeed in the Cold

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With new regulations and carrier restrictions, frozen shipping has never been so complicated.  This webinar discusses best practices for domestic and global frozen shipping as well as outsourced solutions from Cryoport.  Shipping can be a complex process and working with a proven partner for transportation is important. Peace of mind comes from knowing your shipments will be delivered safely.

Disaster preparedness - is your lab ready?

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“Disaster preparedness – is your lab ready?” featuring real life emergency situations. What would you do if the back-up generator fails? What if your Electronic Medical Records system is not functioning?  If flood are rising? If patients or personnel could not get to your clinic? What would you do if your area is on lockdown?

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