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Applying Cryoport Services to In-vitro Fertilization Transportation Challenges: Optimal Reliability and Convenience

Tue, Oct 23, 2012

In the past decade, application of In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) science has increased as methods and technologies have improved safety and outcomes. Seeking these improved methods and technologies often require patients to travel overseas, with corresponding challenges in the shipment of frozen eggs, embryos and sperm to treatment centers, clinics and physicians.

Cryoport’s combination of leading edge cryogenic (deep frozen) shipping technology and complete turnkey management of the shipping process provides a completely reliable and convenient approach to shipping these vital samples.  You can entrust your precious shipment with us. Cryoport has worked with IVF clinics and end user clients to provide the Cryoport dry shipper as a reliable means for shipping cryopreserved eggs, tissue and sperm for use in IVF procedures.  Our experiences and our relationships with global shipping carriers allow us to select the best transportation option for you. Our ordering and shipping process is easy, convenient and reliable.  We take care of the packaging, shipping and paperwork for you, then track and manage the shipment.

Our Cryoportal™ Service Platform is based on the latest developments in web-based order entry and tracking/monitoring.  It is used to communicate with all interested parties and provide updates on transportation to ensure procedure time lines. The Cryoportal™ is a 24 hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week web-based order entry and global tracking and monitoring system.  It allows our clients to request a shipment and then follow its progress as it travels from the point of origin to the destination. The Cryoportal™ is used by Cryoport customer service representatives, our clients and our transport partners.  It automates the entry of orders, prepares customs documentation and facilitates status and location monitoring of shipped orders while in transit. Cryoport has added fail-safe mechanisms for alerting and notifying Cryoport and our clients of the onset of unanticipated delays.  This allows Cryoport to proactively resolve issues that arise in transit.

Our Cryoport Express® Liquid Nitrogen-based dry vapor shipper arrives ready for the specimen(s) with all labels and documents required for the shipment.  Liquid nitrogen technology maintains a temperature below -150° C for a duration of 10 days. This means the specimen is shipped under conditions consistent with the temperatures of the freezers at IVF clinics, and is maintained for the duration of shipment. Maintaining the samples at -150°C means the temperature is held steady at a level which eliminates the risk of cellular damage inherent in uncontrolled freeze-thaw cycles which can occur at higher frozen temperatures.  The dry shipper’s holding time of 10 days means that if transportation is delayed or diverted, procedures can be rescheduled with confidence that specimen integrity has been maintained.

Ordering a Cryoport Express® shipment is easy.  Please call 1-949-232-1877 or visit www.cryoport.com to order your shipment.  Our Cryoport customer service team will guide you through the process. The Cryoport Solution includes rental of the shipper, shipping costs, logistics coordination and 24/7 patient support.  Cryoport delivers peace of mind for your patients with a SAFE, SIMPLE & PROVEN global frozen shipping solution. 

 “We are speechless for your concern and support along the past time and a million words of thanks will not be enough. “

Shahnaz Abdellat

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