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Putting the Deep Freeze on Shipping Costs

Sun, Nov 25, 2012

Cenetron Diagnostics, a premier provider of molecular laboratory services that support pivotal global trials for anti-viral and oncology drug development programs, was relying on costly premium carriers to ship temperature-sensitive clinical trial samples via dry ice all over the world. What the provider needed was a more efficient, cost-effective way to transport these specimens.

Enhanced visibility, increased duration

By switching to the FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution, Cenetron gained significantly more end-to-end visibility and control over these critical shipments. The provider simply enters the shipments into the FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution online portal, and the pre-charged liquid nitrogen dry-vapor containers are delivered for shipment preparation the next day. Cenetron can also easily track the status of any shipment via FedEx InSight®.

Additionally, the customer now enjoys up to 10 days of holding time below 150°C for these clinical trial samples – which has eliminated the need to re-ice shipments every 2-3 days en route to international destinations. Perhaps more importantly, because the per-shipment cost of the FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution is approximately 30 percent lower than the premium carriers’ rates, Cenetron has enjoyed a sizeable reduction in shipping expenses for these clinical trial samples.

“The FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution is so easy to use, and the customer service we receive from FedEx is great,” said Brandon Harper, vice president of Operations for Cenetron. “FedEx does a great job with bio specimens, and they’re willing to make changes to accommodate our needs."

FedEx. Solutions That Matter.SM

The FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution uses the CryoPort Express® Dry Shipper and CryoportalTM.

About Cryoport, Inc.

Cryoport provides leading edge deep frozen cold chain logistics services through the combination of purpose built proprietary hardware and software technologies providing a total turnkey management of the entire logistics process. The Cryoport Express® liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper is validated to maintain a constant -150°C temperature for a 10 plus day dynamic shipment duration while the Cryoportal™ Logistics Management Platform provides tools to manage the entire shipment process, including initial order, document preparation, customs clearance, courier management, shipment tracking, issue resolution, and delivery. Cryoport’s total turnkey service management approach offers reliability, cost effectiveness, convenience, and surety while using recyclable and reusable components providing a “green” and environmentally friendly solution. For more information visit www.cryoport.com.

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