Deep Frozen – Minus the Deep Pockets

Wed, Nov 28, 2012

Asterand, a leading global supplier of human tissue-based research services, was using global freight forwarders to transport frozen tissue shipments to customers around the world. However, not only did the company experience issues with maintaining the proper temperature range during shipping delays, but the per shipment cost also varied significantly depending on the destination and the package characteristics.

Greater control, less cost

By utilizing the FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution, Asterand’s high-value tissue samples now receive the highest level of shipment integrity and security – no matter where in the world they are shipped. The sophisticated innovative liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology employed by the FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution provides the customer with up to 10 days of holding time (below -150°C) to eliminate the re-icing required with dry ice shipments via freight forwarders. With FedEx, Asterand not only pays a flat rate per shipment but also receives credit toward the overall spend with FedEx – which has led to additional discounts and greater cost efficiencies.

In short, the FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution has provided Asterand with enhanced end-to-end control over temperature-sensitive shipments around the globe. Nothing shallow about that.

FedEx. Solutions That Matter.SM

The FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution uses the CryoPort Express® Dry Shipper and CryoportalTM.

About Cryoport, Inc.

Cryoport provides leading edge deep frozen cold chain logistics services through the combination of purpose built proprietary hardware and software technologies providing a total turnkey management of the entire logistics process. The Cryoport Express® liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper is validated to maintain a constant -150°C temperature for a 10 plus day dynamic shipment duration while the Cryoportal™ Logistics Management Platform provides tools to manage the entire shipment process, including initial order, document preparation, customs clearance, courier management, shipment tracking, issue resolution, and delivery. Cryoport’s total turnkey service management approach offers reliability, cost effectiveness, convenience, and surety while using recyclable and reusable components providing a “green” and environmentally friendly solution. For more information visit

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