Cryoport Ships Embryos for Adoption Service Featured in PEOPLE Magazine

Wed, Jan 23, 2013

Would-be parents can adopt frozen embryos that are remaining after another couple's IVF procedures have been completed.  One of Cryoport’s customers, Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park, facilitates affordable, nationwide services for embryo donation and embryo adoption.  The process includes matching donating families to adopting families, providing legal contracts, shipping of the embryos to the adopting family clinic, and counseling for both families.

Couples that have undergone fertility treatments, that have more viable living embryos than are needed for their family building plans, have a dilemma of what to do with them. These embryos are frozen, (or cryopreserved), in suspended animation sometimes for many years. Embryo donation, for adoption by another family, offers an alternative to continued freezing, discarding, or donating them for medical research.

Embryo adoption is generally less expensive than infant adoption or IVF treatment as couples do not have to pay court costs, for the retrieval of eggs from a woman or an egg donor's fee.  There are about 600,000 frozen embryos across the U.S. It is believed embryos can be frozen indefinitely; one baby was born after the embryo had been frozen for 13 years.

PEOPLE Magazine recently featured some families who had used Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park.  Maria Lancaster, the Executive Director of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park, recently told Cryoport, “It is amazing and some of the babies are ones that you guys flew around for us! “  Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park always uses Cryoport when they need to ship embryos from one location to another.

Cryoport is the ideal solution for shipping your frozen eggs, embryos and sperm. Our experienced team helps you navigate the shipping logistics and paperwork. Our dry vapor liquid nitrogen shipper maintains cryogenic temperatures during shipping and transfer of in-vitro fertilization specimens like eggs, sperm, or embryos that is critical for cell integrity and successful IVF treatment.

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