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Shipping Embryos to India

Mon, Apr 01, 2013

Cryogenic shipping is part of the booming IVF medical tourism process.   The Economic Times reporting from Kishwar Desai’s book, Origins of Love, said that 25,000 babies were born from IVF and surrogacy in India in 2011.  People engage in reproductive tourism because a state or country other than their own can offer them better fertility treatment options.

Cryoport is the ideal solution for shipping frozen eggs, embryos and sperm.  You can entrust your precious shipment with us.  Our experienced team helps patients navigate the shipping logistics and paperwork both domestically and around the world.

Our Cryoportal™  is a 24 hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week web-based order entry and global tracking and monitoring system.  It automates the entry of orders, prepares customs documentation and facilitates status and location monitoring of shipped orders while in transit. Cryoport has added fail-safe mechanisms for alerting and notifying Cryoport and our clients of the onset of unanticipated delays.  This allows Cryoport to proactively resolve issues that arise in transit.


Our dry vapor liquid nitrogen shipper maintains cryogenic temperatures that are critical for cell integrity and successful IVF treatment.  The Cryoport Solution includes rental of the shipper, shipping costs, logistics coordination and 24/7 patient support.  Cryoport delivers peace of mind for your patients with a SAFE, SIMPLE & PROVEN global frozen shipping solution.

1) Call Cryoport to place your order.
2) Clinic loads biomaterials into shipper.  Pre-labeled box ships to new clinic.
3) New clinic unloads biomaterials.
4) Pre-labeled box returns shipper to Cryoport.

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Ordering a Cryoport Express® shipment is easy.  Please call 1-949-232-1877 or visit www.cryoport.com to order your shipment.  Our Cryoport customer service team will guide you through the process.

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