Shipping Frozen Sperm - Reproductive Health Case Study

Tue, Mar 25, 2014

Precious Time, Precious Cargo

In the reproductive health industry, extremely tight time windows often govern patient procedures. For one recent patient time was of the essence. She found out that a viable egg had been produced and that an egg retrieval procedure needed to be done as soon as possible.

The challenge was the sperm needed for the second part of the IVF procedure was at another clinic half a world away and needed to be transported safely, securely and very quickly.

Speedy Deliveries

Cryoport’s global frozen shipping solution was employed to expedite the order while keeping the shipment safe. The sperm was transported in an advanced liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper that kept the biomaterials below -150° C (and would hold them there for 10 days if necessary) and housed the shipper in a box ideal for transportation across international shipping lanes.

The Cryoport team was able to quickly navigate the customs and documentation required for the shipment to avoid delays as well as get a shipper to the current clinic. The shipment was safely delivered to the new clinic in time for the procedure.

The combination of stellar logistics with the expertise to streamline the documentation hurdles resulted in a safe and speedy delivery for this happy couple.

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