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Cryoport and Worthington: What it Means for Your Cold Chain

Wed, Jul 20, 2016

Through our strategic partnership with Worthington Industries, Cryoport will be able to augment our cold chain logistics solutions with the cryogenic transportation and storage equipment Worthington recently acquired from Taylor-Wharton. The partnership gives us an opportunity to introduce storage and fulfillment offerings to provide a wider array of services to clients.

The need for state-of-the-art technology is critical to maintaining sample and data integrity because a number of variables can affect the quality and efficacy of temperature-sensitive materials while being shipped or stored. The equipment manufactured by Worthington’s CryoScience division will reinforce Cryoport’s commitment to ensuring your materials, such as CAR T-cell therapies, regenerative medicines and cell samples, are protected in transit and in storage. Potential challenges, such as temperature excursions and carrier mishandling, can be proactively resolved with our advanced equipment working harmoniously with our 24/7 monitoring and support.

With a number of on- and off-site storage options and containers available to be leased or purchased, Cryoport can help you optimize your cold chain and efficiently manage your inventory. Cryoport will manage everything from storage and fulfillment to paperwork and shipping, which can result in decreased overhead and liability as well as a more streamlined logistics process.

Interested in putting this partnership to work for you? Let us know.