VIDEO: Cryoport Innovations Support Evolving Needs of Cell and Gene Therapy Industry

Wed, Sep 25, 2019 | By Cryoport Team

The incredible advancements of cell and gene therapies are often surprising to those not intimately familiar with the biopharmaceutical industry. After all, whoever would have imagined that a patient’s immune system could be trained to attack a disease?

But these developments are no surprise to the people of Cryoport. Our company has served the biopharmaceutical industry for over a decade, and we are experts in providing the critical temperature-controlled shipping and supply chain services that these sensitive new therapies need. We are also carefully preparing to support the industry as it grows: We are the only logistics provider adhering to the domestic and international standards for pharmaceutical and manufacturing processes. 

This insight and due diligence are hallmarks of Cryoport's history of innovation. Clients know they can depend on us to do more than fully support their needs today – they also know we'll provide solutions for tomorrow. 

Watch the video below to hear about our exciting future plans from Cryoport CEO Jerrell W. Shelton, CFO Robert Stefanovich, Chief Technology Officer Bret Bollinger, Vice President of Global Bioservices Rob Jones, Senior Vice President of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Phil Wilson, and Vice President of Corporate Development and Investor Relations Tom Heinzen. 


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