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Outsourcing Dewar Management to Improve Human and Animal Health Operations

Wed, Sep 28, 2016

Today, an increasing number of therapeutics and vaccines for human and animal administration require shipment in specialized shipping containers often referred to as dewars or cryoshippers. Dewars are composed of an aircraft-grade aluminum exterior that protects an inner holding chamber. The inner chamber is surrounded by a high-surface, low-density open cell plastic foam that retains -196 Celsius for up to 10 days to provide the right conditions for temperature-sensitive materials during transport. Because dewars combine advanced packaging, cryogenics and high-vacuum technology, they can be rather expensive to purchase and maintain. Since they are more expensive than a typical shipping container, such as a Styrofoam or cardboard box, dewars need to be returned for cleaning, reconditioning, testing, revalidation and reuse after each shipment. For companies with large dewar fleets, ranging from hundreds to thousands, ensuring that the dewars are returned can be an especially daunting challenge.

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Cryoport Now Supports Laboratory Relocation

Thu, Aug 11, 2016

Moving a laboratory can be stressful. No matter the scope of the relocation, the logistical and physical act of moving laboratories tends to be an inconvenience that disturbs the flow of information that scientists and researchers seek in their lab spaces. In addition to the hassle, the moving of temperature-sensitive materials and fragile, valuable equipment demands expert care.

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Cryoport and Worthington: What it Means for Your Cold Chain

Wed, Jul 20, 2016

Through our strategic partnership with Worthington Industries, Cryoport will be able to augment our cold chain logistics solutions with the cryogenic transportation and storage equipment Worthington recently acquired from Taylor-Wharton. The partnership gives us an opportunity to introduce storage and fulfillment offerings to provide a wider array of services to clients.

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Cryoport Enters Bio-Storage Market

Wed, Jul 06, 2016

Moving and storing clinical trial therapeutics — such as immunotherapies or regenerative medicines — and biospecimens across the globe are especially complex operations because the materials cannot experience temperature excursions. While frozen materials are shipped and received every day, the logistics and storage of these temperature sensitive materials create new challenges for even the largest and most experienced clinical trial networks and supply chain managers.

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The Growth of the Global Cold Chain

Tue, May 03, 2016

Clinical trials are becoming more global as even the most remote markets are coming within reach. With clinical trial therapeutics being shipped to patients in more countries than ever before, the importance of cold chain logistics management has become increasingly apparent.

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Helping Hospitals Unmask Cancer

Mon, Feb 29, 2016

During the 2016 Super Bowl, New York-Presbyterian Hospital aired a 60-second advertisement, titled “Unmasking a Killer,” highlighting the hospital’s advanced cancer research and treatment. The ad circumvented scientific jargon and, through animation and powerful storytelling, explained the science behind immunotherapy. 

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Notes From The Field – Minimizing Cold Chain Risk for Regenerative Medicines

Wed, Dec 02, 2015

By Robert Hariri, M.D., Ph.D.

For years, there has been a need for logistics methodologies to keep pace with the developments in biology that require reliable and environmentally controlled solutions. Scientists are beginning to understand the importance of minimizing supply chain risk and properly protecting the integrity of biologic products from shipment to destination without impact to the efficacy of those products.

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The Nexus Between Regenerative Medicine and Point of Care

Wed, Nov 04, 2015

At the recent Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa, we had the opportunity to hear from more than 60 speakers and panelists covering a variety of topics related to regenerative medicine and its rapid maturation. The conference attracted more than 700 attendees, making it apparent that regenerative medicine is at the forefront of the next generation of therapies to treat disease.

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Another Safe Delivery to India!

Sat, Aug 29, 2015

"We just wish to say a huge THANK YOU to all in Cryoport for the safe delivery of our 2 frozen embryos to India.  Our heartfelt thanks, thank you very much!"  Yeo Wei, Cryoport Client

Cryogenic shipping is part of the booming IVF medical tourism process.   The Economic Times reporting from Kishwar Desai’s book, Origins of Love, said that 25,000 babies were born from IVF and surrogacy in India in 2011. People engage in reproductive tourism because a state or country other than their own can offer them better fertility treatment options.

Cryoport is the ideal solution for shipping frozen eggs, embryos and sperm. You can entrust your precious shipment with us. Our experienced team helps patients navigate the shipping logistics and paperwork both domestically and around the world.

Our Cryoportal™ is a 24 hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week web-based order entry and global tracking and monitoring system. It automates the entry of orders, prepares customs documentation and facilitates status and location monitoring of shipped orders while in transit. Cryoport has added fail-safe mechanisms for alerting and notifying Cryoport and our clients of the onset of unanticipated delays. This allows Cryoport to proactively resolve issues that arise in transit.


Our dry vapor liquid nitrogen shipper maintains cryogenic temperatures that are critical for cell integrity and successful IVF treatment.  The Cryoport Solution includes rental of the shipper, shipping costs, logistics coordination and 24/7 patient support. Cryoport delivers peace of mind for your patients with a SAFE, SIMPLE & PROVEN global frozen shipping solution.

1) Call Cryoport to place your order.

2) Clinic loads biomaterials into shipper.  Pre-labeled box ships to new clinic.

3) New clinic unloads biomaterials.

4) Pre-labeled box returns shipper to Cryoport.

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IVF Pioneer – Remembering Dr. Howard Jones

Wed, Aug 12, 2015

Howard W. Jones Jr, MD, the surgeon who, along with his wife, helped achieve the first birth through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the United States, died July 31 at age 104.

Dr Jones and his wife, endocrinologist Georgeanna Jones, MD, who died in 2005, were cofounders of the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) in Norfolk. Their work opened the door for more than 5 million IVF-assisted births worldwide and brought new choices to countless couples. Dr Jones would help establish the first guidelines surrounding reproductive technologies and served as "first man" of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) when his wife was elected president in 1970.

Cryoport was privileged to produce a webinar featuring “Dr. Howard” on September 25, 2013 in conjunction with SRBT.

Reproductive Technology, Bioethics, Religion and the Law

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“A Conversation with Dr. Howard Jones Concerning Issues of Reproductive Technology, Bioethics, Religion and the Law?” When did you become protected by law? Upon fertilization, heartbeat, quickening, fetal brain waves, or birth?  Renowned for his involvement with the first IVF birth in the U.S., the immortal HeLa cells of Henrietta Lacks, and sex reassignment surgery, 102-year old Dr. Howard Jones is no stranger to ethical, moral, religious and legal criticism.

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