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Globalizing Cold Chain Logitics

Wed, Jul 06, 2011

A Global Industry…

In previous blogs we’ve made note of the globalization of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and how “made in China” is shifting to include “discovered or developed in China” as life science companies conduct an increasing amount of research there. Likewise, India is transforming from a nation of reliable generics manufacturers to pharmaceutical innovators, and Korea and Taiwan are partnering with companies throughout the world to expand their already solid biotech capabilities. Drug discovery and development is becoming a global endeavor.

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IVF Procedures on the Rise

Mon, Jun 20, 2011

When a CryoPort Express® dry shipper arrives at an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic, it is cause for celebration. The oocytes, sperm or pre-embryos it carries are ultimately destined for implantation in the hopes of bringing forth a new life.

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How to Benefit from Outsourcing Frozen Cold Chain Logistics

Tue, Apr 05, 2011

Outsourcing: From Commodity to Partnership

Transportation and logistics outsourcing has evolved from a freight-based commodity to a value-added logistics and supply chain partnership in which logistics service providers (LSPs) have emerged as seamless extensions of the freight carrier. Today, LSPs generate results that meet or beat the shipper’s own capabilities. This is especially true in the life science industry and pharmaceutical cold chain where shipping biological materials has become so important, and is not the core competency of the shipper. By transferring responsibility for logistics infrastructure to a globally connected third party with cold chain expertise – valuable resources, both people and dollars can be freed up for other projects.

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