The Growth of the Global Cold Chain

Tue, May 03, 2016

Clinical trials are becoming more global as even the most remote markets are coming within reach. With clinical trial therapeutics being shipped to patients in more countries than ever before, the importance of cold chain logistics management has become increasingly apparent.

Logistics services are experiencing a 12 percent annual growth rate, much faster than the stable overall market growth of 2 to 2.5 percent, as cited in a recent article in CenterWatch. It is predicted by 2020, more than half of the 50 top selling drugs will require frozen cold chain storage and handling. Despite these growth expectations and the fact that the total value of bioengineered drug products has tripled in the past decade, most companies fail to integrate logistics into their clinical trial planning.

Maintaining a proper cold chain should not be overlooked. Packaging, transportation and storage need to be considered to ensure that a number of significant risks associated with temperature deviations do not jeopardize material quality. As materials are being shipped to testing or clinical trial sites, it is critical that the highest possible safety and quality standards are adhered to and that materials are shipped with the lowest possible risk of loss or degradation.

Cryoport understands that clinical trial results depend on the preservation of condition and data integrity throughout the entirety of each shipment. We are able to meet the specialized needs of these highly valuable and temperature-sensitive biological materials and overcome the complex logistics challenges that have evolved as a result of a more global clinical trial market. With the Cryoport Express®, SmartPak II™ and Cryoportal™, as well as storage and consultation services, Cryoport has all the tools in place that clinical trial investigators and logistics managers need to reduce the risk of compromised clinical trial data due to cold chain logistics issues. For more information, contact us today.