The Requalification Process: Why Each Cryoport Shipper is Thoroughly Re-Validated After Every Use

Tue, Jun 02, 2020 | By CryoStork Team

Cryoport is the only reproductive medicine logistics provider to requalify every shipper after each use to ensure physical suitability, cleanliness, LN2 capacity and a minimum required hold time threshold. Many cold chain logistics companies are unable to provide exact hold times for their shippers, potentially risking the validity and effectiveness of the sensitive material inside. With our unparalleled powerful informatics and nonstop monitoring, Cryoport tracks and traces all our equipment and accessories to mitigate any risks and contamination during transportation.

At Cryoport, each shipper is cleaned and tested for verification of performance. Equipment that does not meet the requalification specifications in our internal criteria are removed from our fleet after a final quality assurance (QA) evaluation.

We understand the importance of your patients’ precious gametes and valuable commodities – thus, we have implemented careful and safety standard procedures for all Cryoport equipment and accessories to provide peace of mind while your patients’ shipment is in transit. When there’s no room for error, Trust Cryoport.

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