Cryoport Liquid Nitrogen Shipping Solution

  • Holding Time: 10+ Days
  • Holding Temperature: < -150°C
  • Cooling Source: Dry Vapor Liquid Nitrogen
  • Capacity for 75 2.0 ml or 22 10.0 ml vials

Global Frozen Shipping Solution for the
Life Sciences, Medical, and IVF Industries

Cryoport's liquid nitrogen Dewars combine with an experienced team and a cutting edge logistics management platform to provide a powerful end-to-end cold chain logistics solution.

dry shipperCryoport Express Dry Shipper

The CryoPort Express® Dry Shipper uses dry vapor liquid nitrogen (LN2), eliminating dry ice and reliably delivering your materials to their destination.

Total Turn-Key Logistics Management


  • Validated to deliver stable -150°C frozen storage conditions for 10+ Days
  • Eliminates temperature excursions and risk of product or sample degradation

Complete and Convenient

  • Total turn-key logistics management, from ordering to delivery
  • Manages all  of the required processes, documentation, logistics and shipment tracking

Safe and Green

  • Utilizes IATA certified non-hazardous dry vapor technology
  • Uses eco friendly materials and is completely recyclable

Cost Effective

  • Eliminates or reduces logistics costs
  • Comparable to specialty couriers but with significant cost reductions

Example Biological Products and Specimens that Cryoport Clients have Shipped using our Frozen Shipping Solution:

Bone Marrow cells

Bull semen

Canine semen

Cord Blood Cells

Cultured human red blood cells containing the erythrocytic

Dendrite cells

Diluted Lenti Virus

E2A cells

Genetically modified E. coli

Human basophil cell culture

Human Embryos

Human fresh frozen tissue                              Human Induciable Hepatocytes

Human mGluR2/HEK cells 

Human mGluR4/HEK cells

Human Neural cells

Human semen                        

Human serum

Human Urine

Male Dog Hepatocytes

Male reproductive tissue

Master Cell Bank

Mice embryos              

PB Eosinophils

PBMC; human white blood cells

PfMSP-1 Antibody

Rat Hepatocytes

Rat hybrdoma cells

Recombinant plasmid DNA                                             

Recumbent Plant DNA

Soil samples

Stem cells

Test media kits

Standard and Control Primers