Building A Patient-Centric Supply Chain for Cell and Gene Therapies

October 14, 2020

Mark Sawicki, Chief Executive Officer of Cryoport Systems, in collaboration with our strategic partners, Lonza and Vineti,  published a new white paper featured in the peer-reviewed journal International Biopharmaceutical Industry (IBI), "Building A Patient-Centric Supply Chain for Cell and Gene Therapies."

"As more cell and gene therapies (CGT) move toward commercial production, biopharmaceutical innovators developing these potentially life-saving treatments will need reliable, fast and efficient technologies for seamless collection, processing and delivery. With the timeframe between harvest and reimplantation so critical, the industry needs to develop a "vein-to-vein" manufacturing and delivery system that keeps the patient at the centre. Industrialising the vein-to-vein supply chain is discussed to advance commercial production of these revolutionary therapies - including autologous therapies, matched-allogenic therapies and personalised cancer vaccines. This article will also examine supply chain best practices to ensure effective manufacturing and delivery of CGTs to the patients who needs them the most."

Click here to access and read the full article (starts on p. 62).

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