Cryogenic Logistics Company Cryoport Grabs Contracts for Gilead, Novartis CAR-T Products - BioSpace Article

November 03, 2017

"In the world of developing and manufacturing cell-based therapeutics an approved medication for any indication is only part of the business plan. The other aspect is delivering the product to patients. That’s where logistics companies like CryoPort, Inc. come into play. CryoPort has consistently been one of the top cryogenic logistics companies serving the life sciences industry and that is only likely to continue. In May, the company reported robust financial growth driven by biopharma. That type of growth it likely to maintain for some time.

CryoPort handles the products for more than 172 of the more than 800 immunotherapy trials underway. CryoPort is the logistics provider for 17 Phase III trials and 199 trials in the regenerative medicine. The company also secured the logistics contracts for Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation’s Kymriah and Kite Pharma(now Gilead’s) Yescarta, the first two commercialized CAR-T cell therapies that were approved earlier this year." Read full article in BioSpace >

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