New Cryoport-Vineti Partnership Provides Expanded Supply Chain Services for Cell and Gene Therapy Developers: Outsourcing Pharma, Pharmaceutical Commerce Publications

September 10, 2019

New articles in Outsourcing Pharma and Pharmaceutical Commerce highlight the exciting benefits of the recently announced partnership between Cryoport and Vineti Vineti’s supply chain orchestration software provides a cloud-based platform that integrates logistics, manufacturing, and clinical data for cell and gene therapies.  

“This partnership will give biopharmaceutical teams an end-to-end view and allow visibility from key points in the therapeutic product process,” Cryoport Chief Commercial Officer Mark Sawicki explained to Outsourcing Pharma.. “[The partnership] will also provide the teams with the ability to sync and seamlessly transfer data between two systems without human error, with the ultimate goal of consolidating data streams.” 

“The two of us are complementary;" Cryoport CEO Jerrell Shelton said to Pharmaceutical Commerce. "With the pre-integrated system we will offer, end-to-end traceability is possible with a seamless network.”

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