Cryoport's Partnership with Takeda's BioLife Plasma Services Aims to Change the World of Cellular Therapies for the Better

September 22, 2022

In early September 2022, Cryoport announced its strategic partnership with BioLife Plasma Services, whos parent company is the global biopharmaceutical company Takeda. Together, the two companies are able to better provide the best quality cellular starting materials for use within a multitude of life-saving cellular therapies.

BioLife Plasma Services specializes in apheresis collection, requiring them to have a strong donation facility center infrastructure. Combined with Cryoport’s world-class capabilities in the temperature-controlled supply chain space for the biopharmaceutical industry, the two are able to establish standardized apheresis collection, processing, and distribution. This will allow for a more efficient and centralized solution for the distribution of these collections for cellular therapies.

The partnership between Cryoport and BioLife Plasma Services aims to solve a prevalent issue within the world of cellular therapies today: the inflexibility in plasma donation scheduling, standardization of collection, and the challenges of ensuring regulation compliance. Together, these companies will oversee the rigid compliance of all applicable GMP regulations, the shortening of processing and logistics times, and the standardization of sample collections. The goal is to enable researchers and developers in accelerating the progress of their cellular therapy programs by eliminating any exterior risks and setbacks along the way.

This process will officially begin in Houston, Texas, where the two companies will provide end-to-end collection, processing, and distribution services by combining Cryoport’s new Global Supply Chain Center and BioLife Plasma Services' donation facilities. All cellular collections will be performed by BioLife’s highly trained employees, ensuring the integrity and safety of the samples from the moment they are collected from the patient. Global Head of BioLife Plasma Services, Hema Tallman, commented that “Cell therapy is one of the most promising areas of development in healthcare today. This agreement reflects BioLife Plasma Services’ and Takeda’s transformative leadership and commitment to bringing better health and a brighter future to patients worldwide.”

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