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Supply Chain Challenges with New Therapies

July 07, 2016

Supply chains for many regenerative therapies can be very complex. Where traditional pharmaceuticals have linear supply chain models, autologous cell therapies oftentimes require circular supply chains, with little room for error. Tamie Joeckel, senior vice president, client services and consulting, discusses comprehensive strategies used to mitigate risk and manage cold chain complexities. Read more >

The Best Chance of Delivery for Life-Giving Shipments

June 21, 2016

As Asia’s pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries grow, the infrastructure, supply chain management and logistics management challenges necessitate innovation. The need for proper shipping practices, including deep frozen and temperature-controlled logistics, will increase and continue to drive demand for these services. Cryoport’s innovative cold chain services and technologies meet the demands of the operational and regulatory complexities of the region. 
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Cryogenic Gas Solutions Drive Regenerative Therapies in Life Sciences

June 06, 2016

Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is being led by regenerative therapies. Many of these new therapies need to be maintained at cryogenic conditions during storage and transport and cannot be supported by traditional shipping solutions. In this article, Tamie Joeckel, senior vice president, client services and consulting, explains how Cryoport’s shipping solutions support breakthrough treatments with technology as innovative as the treatments themselves. Read more >

Logistical Nightmare

May 10, 2016

Today’s most innovative medical breakthroughs, including cell therapies, tissue engineering, gene-modified cell therapies and genome editing therapies have three things in common: They are complicated, very expensive to produce and extremely temperature-sensitive. In this informative article published in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer (PMPS), Cryoport Chief Commercial Officer Mark Sawicki, Ph.D., examines logistics planning and risk mitigation as they pertain to clinical trials; the impact of cold chain transportation on data integrity; and the regulatory landscape. Read more >

Consequences of Using Non-Frozen Delivery Systems Putting Biopharmaceutical Cargo at Risk

May 09, 2016

Non-frozen delivery systems for new drug therapies do not always provide acceptable temperature control. In the event of a transportation delay, medicines that require strict temperature management can be compromised. For these reasons, current packing configurations are being reevaluated in terms of the risks they pose to product integrity.

In this informative article published in Industry Today, Mark Sawicki, Ph.D., Cryoport chief commercial officer, describes how regulatory groups, such as ISO, are reviewing guidelines for the storage and distribution of regenerative therapies and other critical shipments. Read more >

Inside the Hidden Global Supply Chain for Frozen Sperm, Eggs and Embryos

April 25, 2016

Having a baby through IVF can be a global endeavor. With the eggs, sperm and surrogate each potentially coming from a different country, the role of the cold chain has never been more important. Cryoport was featured in a Wired article highlighting the specialized dewar and monitoring technology that goes into safely transporting frozen IVF materials around the world. Read more >

Cold Chain: Going the Extra Mile

February 01, 2016

Changing global regulatory requirements and complex supply chains have resulted in increasingly conservative approaches to temperature control in biopharmaceutical logistics. Cryoport Chief Commercial Officer Mark Sawicki, Ph.D., discusses the importance of risk management and condition monitoring systems for maintaining material and data integrity when shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Read more >

How Cold Chain Logistics Work in Clinical Trials

November 17, 2015

In this exclusive article for Applied Clinical Trials, Cryoport Chief Commercial Officer Mark Sawicki, Ph.D., discusses the importance of reliable, environmentally controlled cold chain solutions to ensure critical data and material integrity in clinical trials for regenerative medicine and advanced therapies. Read more >

Cryogenic Cold Chain Risk Mitigation

November 13, 2015

In an interview with Contract Pharma, Cryoport Chief Commercial Officer Mark Sawicki, Ph.D., explains the requirements, challenges and regulatory issues associated with cryogenically shipping regenerative medicines and other biologic materials. Read more >

Shipping Service Offers Cryogenic Transit and Storage

November 14, 2014

Through UPS’ Temperature True® Cryo service, UPS is broadening its temperature-sensitive shipping offerings to include cryogenic solutions for UPS health care customers by utilizing Cryoport’s cryogenic logistics technology. Read more >