Hosted: Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Duration: 60 minutes

Cryoport’s Tamie Joeckel, senior vice president of client services, and Shannon Curiel, director of sales, reproductive medicine (IVF), hosted an informational webinar discussing what IVF clinics need to know when planning an operational strategy for the shipping and storage of reproductive materials, domestically and internationally.

With reproductive tourism and surrogacy on the rise and more laboratories around the world utilizing embryo cryopreservation, the demands on clinics are increasingly complex. Fertility clinics need to have the resources and expertise on hand to support long-term storage as well as shipping to markets across multiple continents.

In this informative webinar, Joeckel and Curiel explore many cold chain storage and shipping topics pertinent to fertility clinics, including capital investment considerations, changes in global policies and regulations, staffing and overhead allocations, and equipment management and validation.

Click here to watch the webinar