Learn about the optimal environment for an IVF lab including the role of ambient air quality.  Understand common sources of airborne threats and what you can do to ensure an optimal and consistent laboratory environment.

Featured Speaker:
Kathryn Colonna Worrilow, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, LifeAire Systems, LLC
Professor, Pennsylvania State University Lehigh Valley 


  • Define the key considerations/components involved in providing the optimal laboratory and clinical environment to support the in vitro culture of the human gamete and embryo
  • Discuss the specific role of ambient air quality in successful preimplantation embryogenesis: which airborne pathogens are critical to evaluate and which are less important to the process
  • Discuss the common sources of airborne threats to the laboratory environment; there are as many within the IVF laboratory as there are in the outside source air serving your laboratory and clinical space
  • Recognize what can you do and what questions you should ask to ensure that your lab design, HVAC system, upstream equipment and protocols are supporting an optimal and consistent laboratory environment

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