As the global leader of cold chain logistics solutions to the life sciences industry, we have the long-standing experience and expertise to deliver critical information to support your strategic business decisions for research, clinical and commercial programs.

Through Cryoport’s consulting services, you have access to the industry’s best technical resources in engineering, design and logistics. Delivering key business differentiators and risk mitigation processes, our experts support your distribution needs for critical materials, including research, clinical and commercial drug product materials.


Service Details

Packaging & Accessory Design Packaging & Accessory Design
Carrier Assessment Carrier Assessment
Lane Validation Shipping Validation
Fleet Management Fleet Management
Packaging & Accessory Design

Packaging & Accessory Design

Using "Design of Experiment" and "Quality by Design" processes, Cryoport will work with you to design, engineer and employ packaging and/or accessories and ensure effective distribution of your critical commodities.

Our services encompass all phases of package and accessory design including concept planning, aesthetics and functional design, tooling and production parts, pack-out SOPs, thermal modeling and testing and certification of new or modified packaging based on your specifications and requirements.

Additionally, we can deliver a "Quality by Design" validated package integrated with our Smartpak II™ Condition Monitoring System and Cryoportal® Logistics Management Platform. We ensure all your bases are covered, including marketing and graphics, packaging validation for infectious substances and holding time performance.

Carrier Assessment

Carrier Assessment

Whether you’re shipping a regenerative therapy or other biological materials, with Cryoport you’ll have confidence that your commodities will arrive at the destination safely.

With a data repository containing the history of over 200,000 shipping instances, Cryoport is uniquely qualified to provide insight into the efficiency and fidelity of the vast network of global transportation lanes and the most reliable way to mitigation risk.

Through our Carrier and Lane Assessment service, we evaluate specific carrier performance within specific lanes and/or regions and vendor qualification documents provided by the carriers. Additionally, Cryoport reviews written SOP’s of internal procedures to limit cargo mishandling as well as security measures and chain-of-communication for escalations to protect any given shipment in real-time.


Lane Validation

Shipping Validation

Using your SOPs or the results from your Carrier and Lane Assessment report, we will work to validate shipments on lanes and with carriers you designate, using three minimum and three maximum loaded shippers. 

After our analysis, we will deliver a validation report to you showing min/max extremes, carrier performance and any other inputs you’ve requested. We review both package and carrier performance as well as the quality, safety, efficacy and stability of the materials shipped.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Effective fleet management should create a greater business value, reducing upfront and recurring costs by better utilization of resources and minimizing equipment loss. We offer both complete and partial temperature-controlled outsourced fleet management services, including fleet evaluation and disposition (if required), inventory control, fleet maintenance and ongoing fleet requalification.

Clinical Research Expertise Clinical Research Expertise
Commercial Launch Preparation Commercial Launch Preparation
Training / Onboarding Services Training / Onboarding Services
Clinical Research Expertise

Clinical Research Expertise

Whether you need initial mission planning, package/temperature selection and/or design, product transport and management, lane mapping and validation, data analytics or regulatory support, Cryoport brings our broad, industry-leading expertise to assist your clinical development programs. Your dedicated program manager will lead a team to give you the tools and services to support successful clinical trial outcomes.

Commercial Launch Preparation

Commercial Launch Preparation

Cryoport works with your commercial launch teams to develop a scalable, risk-managed, cost-effective logistics solution for you. Your dedicated program manager will ensure you have the right tools and services to support your successful commercial launch.

Training / Onboarding Services

Training / Onboarding Services

We will provide you with detailed training on the use of Cryoport shippers, including recharging dewar flask within our shippers as well as portal instruction for order entry.

Your choice of a logistics partner impacts your materials, your data, your operations and, most importantly, your desired outcome. As your partner, we provide you the most comprehensive logistics platform in the industry to mitigate risk and ensure the quality of your materials.

When the future of your product, research, therapy, patients or family is on the line, you want to place it in the hands of a partner you can trust. Trust Cryoport.

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