Cryoport Express®

LN2 Dry Vapor Shipping System

World-leading LN2 Dry Vapor Solutions

Cryoport Express® cryogenic shipping systems offer the life sciences industry proven reliability, cost-effective options, and transportation solutions with up to 10 days of hold time. This specific line of cryogenic products is highly suitable for those who are in search of risk-averse regional and international transportation solutions. 

Additional Security Features

  • Each shipper is decontaminated using our Veri-Clean® disinfecting procedure to ensure the integrity and purity of your shipment through the extensive decontamination of all cryo-shippers and stainless steel accessories.
  • All Cryoport Express® reusable LN2 dry vapor shippers can manage a host of cryogenically pre-frozen biologic materials. This includes regenerative medicine, including immunotherapies, stem cells, and CAR-T cells.
  • The Smartpak™ condition monitoring system provides near real-time shipping updates on your materials throughout transit.

Cryogenic shipping made easy.

Cryoportal® 2 includes complete visibility and traceability of all our equipment and processes through Cryoport’s Chain of Compliance®. The Live View™ feature in Cryoportal® 2 provides near real-time visibility of the shipment’s location and condition from our facility to the destination site.