Cryoport Express® C3™
Shipping Systems

Whatever the temperature outside,
control the temperature inside.

Cryoport Express C3 Shipper

Ultra-reliable Refrigerated & Controlled Room Temperature Shipping

When you’re working with regenerative medicines, you need to safeguard the integrity and efficacy of treatments throughout all stages of manufacturing and development. This requires stable temperatures of 2-8°C (refrigerated) or 15-25°C (controlled room temperature) during the logistics process.

C3 Shipper with accessory

Cryoport’s C3™ CERTIFIED. COOL.SM solution is ideal for mission-critical applications

The C3™ is designed to keep bioproducts at specified temperatures during its validated holding time even when traveling through climate zones with drastically different temperatures and humidities.

The C3™ uses thermal physics from solid-liquid phase transition to maintain the temperature inside its specimen chamber. Compared with evaporation methods of cooling, the thermal regulation mechanism in the C3™ remains stable because the rate of cooling isn’t affected by changing humidity in drier and wetter climates or by the orientation of the package. The C3™ effectively mitigates the risk of accidental freezing when your valuable samples travel through cold but drier climate zones.

Benefit from near real-time tracking

As with all Cryoport Express® shippers, the C3™ is equipped with Cryoport Systems’ proprietary near real-time condition monitoring system to ensure a strict Chain of Compliance® for your bioproducts during transport.