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Data-Driven Solutions for Superior Fleet Care

Animal welfare, disease prevention, and elimination programs rely on the safe storage and transport of vaccines and other biological materials around the world. At Cryoport Systems, we take pride in providing over a decade of support for the animal health industry. We understand a strong, healthy livestock is invaluable, and we’ve perfected the science of providing safe and secure temperature-controlled supply chain solutions for vaccines and biological materials.

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Nonstop Monitoring and Intervention Capabilities

With our intelligent logistics solutions, you’ll have near real-time information on your shipment from pickup to delivery. Our technology provides automated escalation alerts that notify our customer service representatives so that they can intervene before risk harms your materials.

Safe and Sanitized Shippers

No other shipping provider can guarantee a 99.9999% reduction in external contaminants. Veri-Clean® virtually eliminates the risk of cross-contamination by decontaminating all Cryoport Express® shippers and stainless steel accessories. Our proprietary, validated cleaning methodology utilizes a multi-purpose reagent effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses including the Human Coronavirus.

Animal Health Blog

Read our Animal Health blog for insights on challenges and solutions for transporting animal genetics, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals.