Shipping Risk Assessment

Shipping Risk Assessment with shippers

Cryoport Systems has been the leader in transporting sensitive materials for the life sciences for over two decades. We’ve developed our own operation for providing clients with a unique shipping risk assessment that can help you make critical transport decisions for your sensitive materials.

Our Consulting Services team will create your personalized assessment and help you understand potential risks with a given shipping lane, shipping system, and courier. These insights are garnered through historical shipment data from our powerful database of over 700,000 transports across multiple temperatures, shipper types, and around-the-world destinations. Our shipping risk assessment process includes identifying all shipping lanes, shipping systems, payload/product handling, and courier information to guide logistical choices best suited to your project.

Shipping Risk Assessment

A Shipping Risk Assessment in Action

  • Client therapy: Our client was preparing regulatory filings for Cell Therapy (Car-T) for Leukemia and Lymphoma.
  • Challenge: The complexity of over 70 lanes – across multiple countries, multiple shipping systems, various temperature ranges for apheresis and finished goods, and a pending regulatory filing – meant our client couldn’t perform shipping lane qualifications on all lanes. We needed to determine the lanes with the highest potential risk factors to qualify. Our client considered using Cryoport Express 2-8°C shippers for apheresis materials and Cryoport Express® -190°C Dry Vapor shippers for finished goods.
  • Solution: Our Consulting Services team developed a comprehensive shipping risk assessment using our database of over 700,000 shipments of courier neutral performance data. We assessed the performance of the chosen specialty courier and lanes with the highest risk potential. Risk factors included longest transit time, highest risk of customs clearance, most extreme environmental lanes, new distribution lanes, lanes which tested shipper hold time, etc. Through our shipping risk assessment, we were able to perform a shipping lane qualification across the highest risk lanes, and our report supplemented the regulatory filing.
  • Shipping Systems: Our client is now using Cryoport Express® 2-8°C shippers for apheresis material and Cryoport Express® -190°C Dry Vapor shippers for finished goods.