Advanced Therapy Shipper Loaded into Cryoshuttle for Transportation

When it comes to shipping sensitive materials, Cryoport Systems’ transportation services can be trusted every step of the way. Our logistics capabilities meet the transportation needs of a wide range of materials for the biopharmaceutical, reproductive medicine, and animal health markets. We proudly provide the safe transportation of commodities at temperatures including cryogenic, ultra-cold (dry ice), 2-8˚C, and controlled room temperature. For assistance in moving a single sample across town or shipping an entire fleet of sensitive material from one country to another, you can rely on us and our logistics partners to transport your commodities with their integrity intact.

Additionally, our Cryoshuttle® pickup and delivery service provides local sensitive material transportation within proximal distance of all Cryoport Systems Global Logistics Centers and Global Supply Chain Centers. For materials that need to be shipped internationally, our team of knowledgeable experts can help coordinate customs clearance across borders. Whether it’s domestic or global sensitive material handling, we can accommodate your temperature-controlled supply chain needs.

At Cryoport Systems, we have specific platforms that can support you throughout the entire supply chain. We also offer direct-to-patient solutions through out sister company, CRYOPDP.