Cryoportal® 2
Logistics Management Platform

Innovation - Cryoportal

Precision, reliability, and efficiency are non-negotiable within the intricate world of the life sciences. Cryoport Systems’ Cryoportal® 2 is the industry’s most innovative logistics management system that condenses a shipment’s inventory, ordering, tracking, documents, and reporting into a single interface. With this new version of our custom-built platform, Cryoportal® 2 provides access to 24/7/365 monitoring, comprehensive visibility, and meticulous traceability of the entire transport process. This insight includes various aspects such as order placement, shipment location, condition, and more.

In conjunction with our Smartpak II® condition monitoring system, Cryoportal® 2 provides near real-time data about a shipment’s internal temperature, external temperature, orientation/tilt, location, and other metrics. This proprietary and enhanced logistics management system is validated to demonstrate compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 (Code of Federal Regulations) and ISPE GAMP (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, Good Automated Manufacturing Practices).

Innovation - Cryoportal and Live View

With Cryoportal® 2, clients can:

  • Create orders from scratch or from existing templates.
  • Manage all order information including profiles, user roles, sites, contacts, commodities shipped, freight and broker accounts, and client-required SOPs from their dashboard.
  • Leverage data reports based on order history through the Customer Dashboard.
  • Track and manage shipments with exception notices, customized alerts, and automated email notifications to the account’s contact list.
  • Upload commodity-specific documentation and customs paperwork to each order.
  • Connect with other software order systems for automated order entry and visibility into Smartpak II® condition monitoring system information.