Local pickup and delivery

Cryoshuttle driver

The first and last mile of the sensitive material supply chain can be the most important but is often mishandled by third-party transportation providers who fail to recognize the importance of the commodity they’re transporting.

Cryoport Systems created our Cryoshuttle® transport service to help extend certainty to the first and last mile of our clients’ supply chains. Instead of handing over your sensitive materials to third-party providers who may not understand the importance of the materials they’re transporting, trust our  Cryoshuttle® services to safely pick up and deliver your materials in perfect condition from start to finish.

C3 Shipper Loaded into Cryoshuttle

Delivering peace of mind.

The Cryoshuttle® provides our clients with peace of mind that their shipments will always be handled by Cryoport Systems’ employees. Before even being handed keys to a Cryoshuttle®, our drivers undergo weeks of specific training to equip them with the skills needed to ensure our clients’ sensitive materials arrive in its very best condition every time.

Shipping tracking with Cryoportal Live View

You’ll have ultimate confidence in your supply chain solution.

Each Cryoshuttle® is outfitted with GPS and a live video feed at all times of both the driver and the cargo area. This added surveillance is in addition to our Live View™ shipment tracking service that provides the highest level of shipment visibility with 24/7/365 monitoring, comprehensive visibility, and meticulous traceability of the entire transport process.

We offer the Cryoshuttle® service for all legs of shipments, including the ability to tender directly to airlines with our TSA certifications. With the added control and oversight, you can have peace of mind that your critical materials will always be handled with the upmost care while in our hands.

Available in All Locations

The Cryoshuttle® service is available across all Cryoport Systems locations and across all Cryoport Systems product offerings worldwide.

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