Kit Production

Kit Production

One-stop kit building solutions for cell and gene therapy trials

Custom kit production to meet the requirements of your study protocol

Kits play a crucial role in the manufacturing and administration of therapeutic products. Their standardized design, assembly, and distribution is important for a streamlined and compliant process. In the case of advanced therapies, kits play an even more important role. They’re needed at every stage of the journey – including the collection of apheresis and other starting materials, the assembly of components used in the manufacturing process, the specialized administration of drugs, the ability to monitor the safety and efficacy of drugs in clinical trials, and the long-term follow-up of patients.

We’ve got kits covered so you can focus on patients

Our kit production capabilities allows you to focus on what matters – the patients enrolled in clinical studies

We can custom design and build kits containing all the materials and components you need to collect a specimen or administer a drug for investigational use. We do this for both clinical trials and commercial treatments and follow best practices for each, ensuring the materials used in every aspect of collection through to administration and analysis are consistent.

Bringing simplicity to complex cell and gene therapy trials

Cell and gene therapies often require complex preparation and administration. Great care must be taken to create a robust system that securely links the patient to the dose. Our administration kits used in conjunction with training can help standardize the preparation and administration procedures. Likewise, our consistently-produced kits for the acquisition of starting materials from patients or donors will ensure the highest quality drug products.

Cryoport Systems’ BioServices solutions provides one-stop kit building solutions for our clients. We can procure all the components that go into the custom kit, including blood collection tubes, needles, single-use shippers, and more. Our specialized and custom kit design, production, and distribution services are conducted in-house and can be created for collection kits, manufacturing, drug administration, and shipping. Our processes meet regulatory standards of compliance and are customized in line with clinical protocols.

Our kit production operations can design complex, customized kits with clinical and non-clinical supplies at any temperature including cryogenic. To maximize the value of your clinical trial, we will help you design project-specific kits for the pre-manufacture collection of biological samples, investigative site preparation, and subject administration as well as post-administration sample collection.

Get unmatched confidence and certainty.

Using our kit production services combined with our renowned supply-chain capabilities, you’ll have total control and unmatched assurance that your kits will be delivered where and when they’re needed. Contact us to find out how we can help your organization.