Data Station Directions & Validation

The Cryoport Data Station allows you to download temperature and condition information about the shipment recorded by the data logger.

The Cryoport Data Station works by:

  • Setting the data logger to record the time when the biomaterials are placed in the shipper
  • Uploading software to your computer
  • Connecting the data logger to your computer
  • Choosing how you would like your data displayed

The Cryoport Data Station is ideal for shipments where temperature and condition need to be confirmed before receiving or using biomaterials, to confirm chain-of-condition and to establish multiple data points in the shipment.

The Cryoport Data Station is standard on every shipment. Along with the Data Logger, a report is generated at the termination of the shipment. Every report is kept in our Cryoportal®, along with the data from your shipment.


To start, simply download the Data Station to your computer:

Download Data Station Software


To review the HOBO Data Logger Station instructions, please click the button below:

Download HOBO Data Logger Station Instructions