0% Failure Rate: Our Support of Certainty Featured by gasworld

Mark Sawicki, Cryoport Systems’ Chief Executive Officer, recently explained how Cryoport Systems operates on a 0% failure rate to support the complex and ever-evolving life sciences industry. “Aiming for perfection: How Cryoport stays ahead in delivering cell and gene therapies,” featured in an article by gasworld, details how Cryoport is Enabling the Outcome™ for organizations through our expansive platform of supply chain solutions for the management of sensitive materials and irreplaceable therapies.  

Mark also highlights upcoming advancements to Cryoport’s offerings, including IntegriCell™ cryopreservation. “This year, our IntegriCell™ offering is going to be a big focus, and that will see the opening of two site openings this year,” said Mark. “In Q2, we will be opening a Houston site and in Q3 we will open a site in Belgium.” 

Cryoport Systems’ IntegriCell™ capabilities add unparalleled value to cell & gene therapy developers, CDMOs, CROs, hospitals and academic programs, and leukaphereses providers, including: 

  • Optimization of cellular viability via cryopreservation within 24 hours post collection 
  • Standardization of cryopreservation protocols performed by experienced IntegriCell™ teams 
  • Manufacturing slot utilization improved with incorporation of cryopreservation 
  • Global clinical trial coverage through our US and European footprint 

Read the full article to hear more from Mark about Cryoport Systems’ expert supply chain management and the commitment to scaling our services alongside the growing life sciences industry. 



Cryoport Systems is a comprehensive supply chain partner for the life sciences industry focused on meeting the challenges of the global cell and gene therapy market. We excel in the specialized management of the biopharma supply chain through our comprehensive offerings in logistics, BioServices, cryopreservation, and consulting. With our expansive platform and decades of temperature-controlled supply chain expertise, Cryoport Systems helps Enable the Outcome™ for advanced therapies programs, safely and securely guiding critical therapies to patients in need. 

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