Cryoport Systems Talks Leveraging Supply Chain Visibility Technologies with Pharmaceutical Outsourcing 

Strong visibility into your advanced medicine supply chain is necessary to meet the life sciences industry’s strict quality requirements and maintain therapy viability. However, the ability to fully integrate the ecosystem of existing processes to maintain visibility is extremely limited in the supply chain of these therapy classes. 

Mark Sawicki, President and CEO of Cryoport Systems, authored an article for Pharmaceutical Outsourcing titled “Advanced Supply Chain Visibility Technologies to Save Money and Ensure Quality Products.” The content of the article discusses the challenges of maintaining consistent temperatures while transporting pharmaceutical products that require superior visibility into the entire supply chain. This issue highlights the complexity of integrating personalized therapies into complex manufacturing processes in reference to the strict regulations imposed on the collection and transport times/duration of these materials.  

To proactively work towards solving this challenge, the article dives into the importance of leveraging tracking technologies and data streams to facilitate improvements in the overall supply chain management of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). Leveraging opportunities in the following four areas can optimize the sensitive material supply chain.  


  1. Data collection  
  2. Data storage and analysis 
  3. Data visibility and accessibility 
  4. Analysis and learning 



For a complete analysis of these opportunities and information on how the industry can approach the overall challenge of leveraging insight into the supply chain, read the full article on Pharmaceutical Outsourcing. 

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