Cryoshuttle®: Local Pickup and Delivery Service for Your Patients’ Precious Materials

Do you have patients thinking of moving their reproductive materials to another local clinic? Many intended parents decide to move their eggs, embryos, and sperm for many reasons, including moving to another city or switching fertility providers. Whatever the reason may be, Cryoport Systems offers various shipping options to ensure all your patients’ valuable materials are handled safely and securely from clinic to clinic. Cryoport’s Cryoshuttle® provides a convenient and personalized local pickup and delivery service in select geographic areas for clinics, laboratories, and hospitals.

The Cryoshuttle® solution provides even more security and safety for your patients’ precious embryos, eggs, and sperm by utilizing specially trained Cryoport drivers that are highly qualified to handle specialized equipment. Our custom-built Cryoshuttle® vehicles are GPS-tracked with video surveillance to provide nonstop visibility on all shipments, from moment of pickup to delivery. The vehicle is also equipped with state-of-the-art routing software for most optimal and efficient routes as well as the ability to monitor driver motions and conditions to minimize risks during route to destination. With seamless direct handling, complete traceability, and logistics management, the Cryoshuttle® service significantly reduces risk of shock and orientation events when transporting shipments, ensuring your patients’ reproductive materials will arrive at the destination on schedule and with documented sample integrity.

Cryoport’s Cryoshuttle® services are proudly serving the Southern California area including Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, the New York City Metro and New Jersey area, as well as internationally around Amsterdam. We are also excited to announce we have expansion plans of Cryoshuttle® to additional locations for our clinic partners all around the world. Please stay tuned for details on these upcoming locations.

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