RegMedNet Highlights Cryoport’s First Two Global Supply Chain Centers

RegMedNet Highlights Cryoport’s First Two Global Supply Chain Centers

Cryoport Systems’ first two Global Supply Chain Centers in Morris Plains, New Jersey and Houston, Texas will provide critical support to major biotech companies around the world as well as play a crucial role in the storing and shipping of lifesaving medicines for thousands of patients and trials.

Robert Jones, Vice President of Global Bioservices at Cryoport, has reported that the facility in Morris Plains, housing 70 employees and 20,000 square feet of space, has already received doses from a clinical stage cell therapy biopharmaceutical company. According to Jones, as the industry for cell and gene therapies, especially immunotherapy, grows, the need for volumes of materials does as well. This need highlights the importance of global supply chain and logistics centers in the industry. Jones notes that therapy developers “need reliable partners, with suitable facilities to help them manage their valuable materials – including the therapeutic materials and the raw materials that are used in the manufacturing process.”

Cryoport’s fundamental technology that is vital to the life sciences market and its continual advancement allows it to support and represent 90% of the commercial therapies currently on the market. These new Global Supply Chain Centers will enhance Cryoport’s ability to navigate the difficulty of medical supply chain and continue to contribute additional support to cell and gene therapies across the globe.

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