i3 Webinar: Cryogovernance V – Best Practices in Cryotransportation

Originally Hosted: Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Duration: 90 Minutes

Cryoport Systems participated in the Cryogovernance V – Best Practices in Cryotransportation webinar, in collaboration with The International IVF Initiative – i3. As the reproductive medicine industry evolves and demands standardized practices to manage the delicate parts of in vitro fertilization, it is not surprising that clinics around the world are embracing new regulations and technologies that ensure accountability. That is why Cryoport prioritizes innovation, ethical considerations, the safety and efficacy of the reproductive product, and comprehensive traceability. These are all formidable challenges that often lack standardized quality control procedures.


Presenters & Topics Discussed:

  • Dr. Kristen Ivani, Laboratory Director: The Embryologist Point of View
  • Deborah Mecerod, Clinical Nurse Manager: Demands of an Egg Bank
  • Bret Bollinger, Chief Technical Officer, Cryoport Systems: The Role of Technology in IVF Shipping
  • Dr. Mark Sawicki, President and CEO, Cryoport Systems: The Future of Cryotransportation
  • Q and A