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Comprehensive Risk Mitigation for Viral Vector Logistics

Safe & Compliant Shipping of Viral Vectors in Gene Therapy

Gene therapy, a rapidly advancing field within the life sciences, relies heavily on the safe and compliant transport of viral vectors. These vectors, crucial for delivering genetic material into cells, require specialized handling and transportation conditions to maintain their integrity and efficacy.

Cryoport Systems is the industry leader in developing and providing comprehensive, end-to-end supply chain management solutions tailored to the unique challenges advanced therapy developers encounter.

By understanding and addressing common roadblocks and pain points in the temperature-controlled supply chain for advanced therapies, we can more effectively support our clients in delivering life-saving therapies to patients worldwide. Considerations addressed in this Info Brief include:

  • Purpose-built shipping solutions to meet the unique demands of transporting viral vectors and gene therapies with integrated, proactive risk mitigation at every stage
  • Comprehensive monitoring of internal and external environmental conditions throughout transit with comprehensive insights and near real-time monitoring & management
  • Leveraging industry experience and data from >800k shipments to provide clients with customized, tailored strategies for safeguarding their critical materials
  • Risk-mitigating processes to ensure not only the initial quality of the shipping solution but also the continued reliability of the equipment to ensure optimal condition at every use