Upcoming Data Management Transitions & Their Impact on Advanced Therapy Supply Chains

Originally Hosted: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Duration: 60 Minutes

The future for global advanced therapy shipments requiring critical chain of custody, chain of condition and Chain of Compliance® near real-time reporting are facing a significant technology change. In February 2022, 2G/3G networks are sunsetting in the United States and immediately transitioning to only leveraging 4G/LTE networks. Other countries and regions will continue to leverage 2G/3G networks and will decommission them at different rates. As networks continue to decommission 2G/3G networks globally, technology challenges relating to capacity and connectivity will impact all carrier services as well as packaging technology providers.

Cryoport’s Quin Waddell, Director of Monitoring Solutions hosted an informational webinar about the upcoming network transitions, the associated challenges with the technology changes and how you can ensure the certainty of global coverage and data fidelity for your cell and gene therapy shipments.