Biobanking contains the blueprints to future advanced therapies

We offer secure GMP-compliant management and storage of preclinical and research specimens

Within a biobank, a diverse range of essential tasks encompasses the collection, processing, meticulous storage, vigilant monitoring, precise data management, and responsible distribution of valuable biomaterials. These activities are carried out in strict accordance with legal, normative, and ethical guidelines to ensure the integrity of the stored materials and their related data.

At Cryoport Systems, our services align with industry standards, including GMP, GCP, GCLP, ISO 20387, and ISO 9001. By adhering to pharmaceutical regulatory requirements, our services meet the risk management demands specific to the life sciences industry.


Validated and reliable management and storage of biospecimens

In a GMP-compliant environment aligned with industry standards and regulations

Cryoport Systems provides biobanking for the secure management and storage of preclinical and research specimens in a GMP-compliant environment under strict surveillance and 24/7 on-call personnel trained for all eventualities. Our biobanking IT solutions and data management are validated to industry standards for total reliability, and our technological capabilities include consistent tracking of data across every stage of the sample life cycle along with custom reports that are generated to meet clients’ unique requirements for their clinical program. Our biobanking systems maintain a consistent temperature of all samples throughout their entire life cycle, ensuring the preservation of their integrity and traceability.

Temperature-Controlled Biobanking

Cryoport Systems offers comprehensive solutions for the management of biological materials performed in line with your specific quality and regulatory requirements. Our biobanking service options can accommodate various types of samples, storage temperatures, and volumes all with safeguards to protect and prevent sample tampering or corruption. At each stage of the sample life cycle, we implement rigorous quality control and traceability for all interventions, ensuring you obtain reliable samples and maintain data of the highest quality.

Our ability to maintain room to cryogenic temperatures during all operations with precise data management is the main strength of our services. The systems we put in place ensure that your samples remain at consistent temperatures throughout their entire life cycle to preserve their integrity and traceability. Delivered in line with GMP, GCP, and GCLP standards as well as ISO 20 387 and ISO 9001, our services comply with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements to meet risk management demands relating to our industry. These safeguards create a unique quality assurance system that provides peace of mind that your materials are always handled safely and compliantly.

Capabilities and Services

Biobanking capabilities and services:

  • Flexible storage capacities for GMP, R&D, and clinical material
  • Required temperature ranges to preserve sensitive biological materials from ambient to cryogenic
  • Validated IT solution & data management – allows for traceability of the data generated at all stages of the sample life cycle with custom reports provided
  • Short to long-term storage duration
  • All formats including cryobox, microplate, bag, vial, pouch, slide, etc.
  • Temperature tracking and remote alarm
  • Highly secure and connected infrastructure with 24/7 on-call personnel for eventualities
  • GMP-secure storage for master cell banks, working cell banks, drug products, drug substances, and raw material for certain sites
  • Strategic global locations in the US and EU

Sample origins: 

  • Human
  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Microorganism
  • Biochemical

Application settings:

  • R&D
  • Clinical Studies
  • Scientific Cohorts
  • Backup Collection
  • Bioproduction
  • Biochemical synthesis

Sample types: 

  • Blood, serum, plasma, feces, saliva, urine
  • Cells, tissues, organs
  • Protein, DNA, RNA
  • Yeasts, bacteria, viruses, fungi, microalgae
  • Biochemical products
  • Paraffin blocks, histopathology slides

Get unmatched peace of mind.

Our depth of experience and extensive safeguards create a unique quality assurance system that provides peace of mind that your materials are always handled safely and compliantly. Contact us to find out how we can help your organization.