Cryoport and Cell Matters

Strategic Partnership between Cryoport and Cell Matters will Greatly Improve Cryopreservation Services

To better deliver end-to-end cryopreservation services for leukapheresis derived therapies, Cryoport has strategically partnered with Cell Matters, S.A. In late January, Contract Pharma articulated how this partnership will bring about the development of a commercial approach for the marketing of these services.

Within the industry, Cell Matters has specialized in enhancing cell therapy productivity by offering an integrated set of GMP services in line with many of the requirements of the cell therapy industry. Cryoport, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Shelton, comments in the article that “this new strategic relationship with Cell Matters will further augment Cryoport Systems’ consulting services and will assist in our continuing innovation and additional temperature-controlled packaging solutions tailored to our markets. The strategic alliances we are forming, coupled with select acquisitions in services and products, are strengthening our comprehensive supply chain solutions for the life sciences and our capacity to serve the industry’s evolving and growing needs.”

Delphine Connan, chief executive officer & co-founder of Cell Matters, said, “As cryopreservation is a key component of the supply chain, we are extremely pleased to create this partnership with Cryoport Systems, the global leader in temperature-controlled supply chain solutions. Together, we can combine our respective technologies and expertise to offer true end-to-end cryopreservation services to the Cell Therapy clients.”

Cell Matters and Cryoport are able to combine their respective expertise in order to enhance the overall cryopreservation services being offered to Cell Therapy clients. This relationship carries two key components, the first being that the companies will launch a joint service to support the development, optimization, and cryopreservation of leukopaks. This service is aimed at solving commonly observed challenges regarding the timely supply of leukopaks. Secondly, this partnership will provide clients with a larger repertoire of cryopreservation services to choose from.

Cryoport Systems is greatly excited about this partnership and the services it will allow them to provide to patients.

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